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Profitability and Factors Affecting Groundnut Production under Irrigation in Zimbabwe

The MV Mulimi; a multipurpose tractor developed by CAES, Makerere University that can thresh maize, pump water from a depth of 7m to a height of 33m, plough gardens, transport 20 adults and their goods over a reasonable distance, as well as charge a mobile phone. Date taken: 31st December 2015, MUARIK, Wakiso Uganda.

The study was aimed at estimating the profitability, as well as factors that affect groundnut (Arachis  hypogea)  production  under  irrigation  in  Zimbabwe.  Data  were  collectedfrom 102 households using a structured questionnaire as the main instrument. Fromindividual plot holder analysis, the study revealed that about 72% of interviewed farmersmade profits from groundnut production and marketing, with an average of 40% returnper United States dollar invested, making groundnut enterprise a profitable venture inthe  study  area.

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Source: Makerere University Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)


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