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85th Guild President Swears In, Assures Gallant Makerereans of Quality Service Delivery

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  • 28 Mar 2019 - 6:27pm
  • By Mark Wamai
  • 4,852
H.E. Kateregga Julius takes oath as the 85th Guild President on 27th March 2019, Main Hall, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. He promised to balance the mighty hill of the great intellectuals with good governance

On Wednesday, 27th March 2019, hundreds of people including Makerere University Administrators, students and parents and well-wishers gathered in Makerere University Main Hall to witness the swearing in ceremony of their beloved Guild President-elect H.E. Kateregga Julius commonly known as KJ.

Presided over by the Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Eria Hisali, Dean of Students-Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe, Deputy Dean of Students-Mr. Stephen Kateega and Chaplain of St. Francis Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe the ceremony was also witnessed by Members of the 84th Guild cabinet led by outgoing President H.E. Papa Were Salim.

Members University Leadership that attended the Swearing in L-R: Mr. Stephen Kateega, Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe, Dr. Eria Hisali with outgoing Guild President-H.E. Papa Were Salim and Chaplain St. Francis-Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe

“Our voice as students can only be heard if our leaders choose to stand, I have come as a leader to stand with you, the door of my office will always be open to you the students such that I get to know the issues affecting you,” said H.E Kateregga Julius.

Amidst applause and a chorus of cheers from the audience, H.E. Kateregga Julius (KJ) took his oath and promised to balance the mighty hill of the great intellectuals with good governance.

H.E. Kateregga a second year Bachelor of Arts with Education student assured his peers of equality and diligent service in the 85th Guild cabinet. He thanked students who chose to look beyond money for change by putting all their trust in him as one with the vision and solutions to possibly end all challenges experienced by the students.

“I am glad that you chose to believe in me, now here I am, I am ready to stand by you my fellow students, I will stand for what you believe in because what you believe in is what I believe in and what I believe in is my mandate,” he noted.

A representative of Students With Disability (Centre) is assisted to take oath by 84th Guild Speaker-Rt. Hon. Isaac Kwagala (Left) and Ms. Norah Nalubowa - Warden, Office of the Dean of Students (Right)

In a special way, H.E. Kateregga congratulated his Guild Representatives (GRCs) upon their success and advised them to cooperate with him if they are to bring Makerere to the next level of leadership. Here he emphasized the need for hard work among his Cabinet members and echoed that he sees different capabilities in every GRC. He also urged them to be faithful to their fellow students and serve as they pledged during their campaigns.

“We have started a race and as team leader, my aim is to ensure that by the time I leave, I can still stand before the mighty Makerereans and they listen to me when I talk. I see different capabilities in each and every GRC, let’s be critical, know why you were elected and serve faithfully and diligently. Pay attention to what we ought to, look beyond the privileges and be the voice of students,” advised H.E. Kateregga

He thanked everyone who stood by him during the hard times of his campaigns and in a very special way, recognized the presence of his beloved mother Ms. Lovinsa Nabunya and thanked her for all the prayers that brought him victory.

H.E. Kateregga Julius acknowledged his mother Ms. Lovinsa Nabunya (Left) for the prayers that saw him through the race.

The Guild President-elect echoed that students and Administrators of Makerere University have a big debt to the nation as they are the un-gazetted Parliament of Uganda and urged them to always stand and emphasize what Makerere represents in this nation.

The Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Eria Hisali congratulated H.E Kateregga Julius (KJ) and His Cabinet upon their successful election. He applauded the outgoing cabinet for all that they have done in their tenure.

He called for good relationship between the Students’ Guild and the University Management emphasizing that a good relationship between two parties always leads to good service delivery to the beneficiaries.

Dr. Hisali challenged H.E. Kateregga to hold his team accountable by bringing feedback to the Guild Council, indicating that this will be a good sign of service delivery and representation at the respective Colleges and Halls of Residence.

He advised the Guild President to take advantage of the University Management’s open-door policy to consult the Administration as it’s always ready and available to help each time there is a need.

The Acting Vice Chancellor-Dr. Eria Hisali (Left) and Dean of Students-Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe (Right) at the 85th Guild swearing in ceremony

He encouraged the Guild leadership to uphold and maintain the good reputation of the University in all their endeavors and called upon students to participate in the forthcoming MakRun where the University is soliciting money to construct a Students’ Centre.

The Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe assured the Students Guild Council of an induction, where they will have a full week of training as a way of preparing them to run their respective offices.

Mr. Kabagambe thanked the Chairman Electoral Commission and his team for the great work done as the elections were free and fair and no case of violence was registered this time round.

The Chairperson Electoral Commission Mr. Ssekinde Faizo revealed that the election process was successful as they witnessed free and fair elections. He congratulated the winners of the elections and thanked students for participating in the Electoral process.

The 84th Guild Electoral Commission Chairperson Mr. Ssekinde Faizo was commended for organising a free and fair election

The outgoing Guild President H.E. Papa Were Salim congratulated H.E. Kateregga Julius and his cabinet upon being elected as the 85th Guild President and Guild Council of Makerere University for the year 2019/2020. He noted that it had been a great honor for him to serve as the 84th Guild President of the mighty Hill with a mighty University.

He advised H.E. Kateregga to know his mandate as a student leader and observe it, as it will always direct him in line with his vision as leader of the 85th Guild Cabinet.

“It’s a big struggle but the most important thing is remember your mandate, know whom you are serving and what they want for they are the reason you are seating in that capacity as Student Guild President,” advised the 84th Guild President.

H.E Papa Were extended his sincere thanks to the fraternity of the gallant Makerereans who collaborated with his cabinet and in a special way, thanked the University Management for the support extended to the 84th Guild Leadership.

The 84th Guild President, H.E. Papa Were Salim thanked the University Management and Students for all the support extended to his Guild Cabinet

The ceremony was overseen by the outgoing 84th Guild Speaker Rt. Hon. Isaac Kwagala who congratulated the new cabinet upon their success in the political journey and urged them to serve the gallant Makerereans with great faithfulness by practicing principals of democracy. He also urged the incoming 85th Guild President to always remember why the students entrusted him with that position.

“In your campaigns you pledged to balance the hill, please balance it by serving the students who entrusted you with that responsibility faithfully and diligently so that they will continue looking up to you even when you leave these great gates,” Kwagala advised.

He further praised the outgoing Guild Cabinet for the achievements registered during their tenure and requested the incoming cabinet to accomplish all that they had set out to achieve.

Article by Rachael Kanyi, Volunteer, Mak Public Relations Office

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