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Mak Biomedical Engineering -High School Summer School

  • In Health
  • 20 Jul 2018 - 1:14pm
  • By Elias Tuhereze
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Gayaza High School students attend a students' exhibition in March 2018 at Freedom Square

The Biomedical Engineering unit at Makerere University is organizing the first ever Biomedical Engineering High School Summer School. This event scheduled to run from 27th August 2018 to 31st September 2018 is aimed at interesting students in the use of Science and Technology to solve their community's challenges.

The participants who will range from Senior 3 to Senior 6 Secondary School students will have an immersion of the Engineering Design stages, handson experience working in state-of-the-art science research labs, mentorships from Makerere University faculty and career guidance from Makerere University's Admissions' Office.

This event will cost each student a 250,000 UGX fee to cater for their meals and utilities to facilitate the summer schools' activities.

In today’s highly computerized and big data driven society, students’ tech skills need to be developed to unprecedented levels Unfortunately, as evidenced by the distribution of the candidates in the 2017 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), only 20% of the candidates pursued science subjects. To tackle this low level of interest in Science Technology and Mathematics (STEM), Makerere University’s Biomedical Engineering program (MAK-BME) is hosting its first ever High School Summer School from 27th August to 31st September 2018.

The aim of the Summer School is to expose Uganda's high school students to the exciting and engaging world of STEM to pique their interests in careers in STEM. Emphasis will be placed to involve under-represented persons in industry for example people with disabilities and girls to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.

During this five day event, students will cover a mini project-based curriculum to learn and apply concepts in Engineering, Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences to solve real life challenges targeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG’s).

The need-based project curriculum will be supplemented by boot camps to improve the skillset of the attendees and add to their STEM application repertoire. It will also allow informal interaction between our attendees and facilitators to furnish mentorships that could last well beyond the duration of the Summer school. We shall also have career guidance from the Makerere University Admissions office to guide the prospective applicants on the to-dos of STEM career aspirants. By the end of the summer school, our attendees will have clear know-how of spotting and defining a high impact health challenge, and developing feasible solutions to solve them. But that’s not all, the participants will also learn what it takes to translate their solutions to market.

We are not promising to teach you a full engineering curriculum. To be honest, we couldn’t even if we set out to do so. We plan to teach you (1) how to think like a problem solver and (2) how to learn by yourself so you will definitely leave much better than you will have arrived, guaranteed.


All students from Senior 3 to Senior 6 with an interest in pursuing a career in STEM are welcome to pay a fee of 250,000 UGX to attend.


Fee: 250,000 UGX

The fee charged covers the following:

  • Breakfast and lunch including all the attendees on the closing day.
  • All material costs and facilitation fees to the program instructors.
  • Transportation, equipment costs and internet access
  • Certificates
  • Event apparel will also be provided to each participant.

Methods of Payment

Account Name: Makerere University Biomedical Engineering Students’ Association.
Account Number: 9030008637953
Payable at: STANBIC BANK
Mobile Money Payable ONLY to: 0704 026 105 (Brenda Nakandi, Head of Finance Committee)
Reason: MAK-BME Summer School


Kenneth Rubango: (Email: rubangokenneth91@gmail.com , Tel: 0706 317 486)
Lydia: 0779 463 646
Solomon: 0772 371 391

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