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DI Research Group Holds Mini-Symposium

Michael Kizito a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg (Standing) makes his presentation during the Mini-Symposium, 22nd February 2018, CoCIS, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

The Dev. Informatics (DI) group hosted the first mini-symposium for 2018 on Thursday, 22nd February. The aim of the symposium was to provide;

  • A supportive atmosphere for PhD students to present and receive feedback on their ongoing research work.
  • Guidance on various aspects of their research from established researchers and their peers.
  • Enable PhD students to interact with other participants and potential collaborators in order to stimulate an exchange of ideas, suggestions and experiences.

PhD student presenters during this symposium were Mr. Michael Kizito and Ms. Hawa Nyende both staff at School of Computing and Informatics Technology (SCIT), Makerere University.

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