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Mak Signs Agreement to Fast Track Collaboration With Taiwanese Institutions

  • In General
  • 13 Oct 2017 - 6:48pm
  • By Mark Wamai
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Vice Chancellor-Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (7th R), Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin and his wife Mei Yvan (6th L & 5th L resp.) with L-R: Mrs. Prossy Katongole-DLA, Mr. Hudson Musoke-DLA, US-Mr. Charles Barugahare, Mr. Goddy Muhumuza, Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali (Rear), Mr. Patrick Akonyet (Rear), DVCAA-Dr. Ernest Okello Ogwang, Mrs. Dorothy Senoga Zake, Mr. Peter Mubiru, Ms. Naome Kiconco-DLA & Mr. Peter Eneru-DLA after the agreement signing, 13th October 2017, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda  )

Makerere University has today Friday 13th October 2017 signed an agreement with Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin and his wife Mrs. Mei Yvan, aimed at creating a formal avenue through which Taiwanese institutions can collaborate with Makerere and other Ugandan institutions in aspects such as exchange of staff, students, research, among others.

Speaking at the brief event held at the Directorate of Legal Affairs (DLA), Makerere University, the Acting Director Mr. Goddy Muhumuza thanked Dr. Lin and his wife Mei for their hospitality, love and heart of giving in not only identifying but also choosing to bridge the gap of cooperation between Taiwan and Uganda.

Today’s agreement signing ceremony had its genesis in the 29th Summer Universiade “Collegiate Olympics” held in Taipei, Taiwan from 19th to 30th August 2017, where Mr. Muhumuza and the delegation from Uganda had the opportunity to interact with the couple. “Dr. Jeff J. L. Lin and his wife Mei Yvan mobilized the Taiwan-Africa Business Association and hosted the Uganda Team to a very colourful lunch where a delicious meal was served. At the same function, Dr. Lin and his wife Mei announced a gift of a motorcycle to each of the Ugandan Gold and Bronze medal winners” shared Mr. Muhumuza.

The couple later on also agreed to donate a motorcycle worth approximately UGX 4million to the Directorate of Legal Affairs.

VC-Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (L) receives the mortocycle key from Mrs. Mei Yvan (2nd L) as Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin (R) and Mr. Goddy Muhumuza (2nd L) applaud

In his remarks, Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin; a holder of dual citizenship from Taiwan and Uganda, thanked Mr. Muhumuza for arranging the visit and preparing the agreement. He also congratulated Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe upon his election as Vice Chancellor and thanked him as well as members of Management present for attending the signing ceremony despite their respective busy schedules.

“Taiwan is strong in disciplines of Medicine, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Technology but does not have a good social sciences background. Makerere is strong in the Humanities and Law and we therefore want to introduce Makerere to National Taiwan University and Tsing Hua University which are both highly ranked globally. Our hope is that young students and academics will benefit from this partnership,” said Dr. Lin.

Mrs. Mei Yvan on her part has spent twenty five years living and working in Africa. “Sixteen years ago, I was volunteering as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Music, Dance and Drama. Also, both our sons were born in Africa so Africa is home to us,” she shared. “Although we are business people, we also value social responsibility. Dr. Lin’s passion has always been to bring goodness and joy to people” she added.

Following a brief signing ceremony, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe thanked Dr. Lin and his wife Mei for their good spirit of benevolence and for their donation of a brand new motorcycle to DLA. This, he noted, would greatly aid the Directorate in its daily operations.

“We have a lot to learn from each other” said Prof. Nawangwe, “Taiwan is an island that has moved from an underdeveloped nation to an economic superpower in the last fifty years” he elaborated.

Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin (L) and Mrs. Mei Yvan (R) sign the agreement in the Directorate of Legal Affairs on Friday 13th October 2017

The Vice Chancellor further observed that Taiwanese Universities are ranked highly by global rankings and are a source of modern technology that has accelerated growth and development of other sectors like agriculture in the island nation. Taiwan has been able to grow enough food to feed its population and export the surplus. He noted that Uganda has a high population growth rate and unless this was checked or matched with surplus production, food security would be a big problem in the face of the impacts of climate change such as prolonged drought.

“Collaboration with Taiwanese Universities is therefore the best thing that can happen to Makerere, not only in the fields of Law and Humanities but also other vital areas such as Agriculture and Medicine. As Makerere University, we will do all that is possible to ensure that this collaboration happens” said Prof. Nawangwe.

He also expressed happiness that in Dr. Lin, Makerere had found a direct link and advocate who is familiar with both Ugandan and Taiwanese cultures, “exchange of cultures is very important” added the Vice Chancellor. He concluded his remarks by thanking Mr. Muhumuza for ensuring that the collaboration had taken off.  “We look forward to an extensive collaboration between Makerere and Taiwanese Universities.“

The signing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs)-Dr. Ernest Okello Ogwang, Principal, College of Business and Management Sciences-Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali who represented the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration)-Prof. William Bazeyo, University Secretary-Mr. Charles Barugahare, Acting Director Human Resources-Mrs. Dorothy Senoga Zake and Acting Director Internal Audit-Mr. Patrick Akonyet. Also present were Mr. Peter Mubiru who represented the University Bursar-Mr. Augustine Tamale and DLA Staff.

Article by Public Relations Office

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