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Short courses in Epidemiology and Biostatistics to graduates of various disciplines

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  • 19 May 2017 - 4:56pm
  • By Elias Tuhereze
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School of Public Health RAN State of African Resilience Report 8th May 2015
The School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University is offering short courses in Epidemiology and Biostatistics to graduates of various disciplines. This is in response to increasing demand for research and analytical skills at various work places. Applications are requested for
the following courses:
a. Applied Biostatistics I: Data Management
b. Applied Biostatistics I: Level - I Data Analysis
c. Applied Biostatistics II: Logistic Regression
d. Principles and Practices of Epidemiology
e. Clinical and Community Trials
Applied Biostatistics I and Principles and Practice of Epidemiology courses will run concurrently from July 3rd to July 14th 2017 while Applied Biostatistics II
Logistic Regression and Clinical and Community trials will run from July 17th to July 28th 2017.
A lot of time on the courses is allocated for hands-on/practical sessions or field work. Android smart phones will be availed for the electronic data capture sessions.
The deadline for submission of the applications is June 16th 2017 but it is better to apply early.
The cost of each course is US$225 (or Ug Shs 750,000/=)for Ugandans and US$ 300 for non-Ugandans (East Africans) and USD 400 for others.
The fee covers reading materials, stationery, tea, lunch and bag.
For application forms and more details please visit the website at: http://www.musph.ac.ug/index.php/shortcourses/196-short-courses-in-epide...
or contact the following at the School of Public Health:

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