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Highlights of the 66th Graduation Ceremony at Mak

  • In General
  • 29 Jan 2016 - 4:51pm
  • By Elias Tuhereze
  • 1,053
Prof. Ezra Suruma presiding over the 66th Makerere University Graduation Ceremony, his maiden ceremony as Chancellor of Makerere University.

Tabani RashidThe Makerere University 66th Graduation Ceremony successfully closed after a four day period, 19th- 22nd January 2016, during which the Chancellor, Prof. Ezra Suruma conferred degrees and awarded diplomas to 14,318 grdauands. The breakdown is as follows: 1,444 graduands from the College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS); 1,909 graduands from the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS), 516  from the College of Health Sciences (CHS), 3,853 from Makerere University Business School (MUBS), 3,064 graduands- College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS); 1,292- College of Education and External Studies (CEES); 628- College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology (CEDAT), 349- College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS), 268- College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio Security (CoVAB), 688- CAES and 308 from the School of Law.

The ceremony closed with 64 attaining Doctorates and 286 first class degrees. The overall best student, Tabani Rashid, with a Bachelor of Business Administration from MUBS had a CGPA of 4.91. The best student in Sciences, Aine Brian Willy, had a CGPA of 4.84, from the College of Computing and Information Sciences.Dr. Muhwezi Deus Kamunyu, MUASA Pulicist graduated with a PhD. He was supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) under the Makerere-Sida Bilateral Research Programme.

In his message to the graduates, the Chancellor  emphasized the need to embrace volunteerism. “I encourage you to always embrace the spirit of volunteerism. As a volunteer, you may not eventually be considered for employment in that particular organisation. But even so, the most important thing that you should value is the knowledge, skills and experience that you have acquired. Use any opportunity as a volunteer to build that much needed experience that all jobs require,” he said.

The Chancellor further raised optimism for employment opportunities in the much anticipated oil sector in Uganda arguing that Uganda will reach full employment with oil prospects. “This may sound overly optimistic by all standards but allow me to share my reason for this. In my book, “Advancing Uganda’s Economy: A Personal Account,” I share my concerns on unemployment and the plight of the young people. Nevertheless, my philosophy of full employment is premised on a well-managed oil sector and its correlation with job creation and socio-economic transformation,” he said.

Chancellor Suruma was further grateful to the advances across all Colleges of Makerere University, as presented by the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu. According to the Vice Chancellor, it is these continuous breakthroughs in research and innovations that have seen Makerere University reach third position on the continent as per a Times Higher Education Report, January 2016.A parent joins  the ululating graduands.

The Vice Chancellor pointed out a number of developments in the Colleges including the recently launched MV Mulimi tractor from CAES, breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS and malaria research from CHS, AFRISA model in CoVAB, Moot Court Competitions from the School of Law, Kiira Motors Corporation from CEDAT, a mushroom training facility at CoNAS among others.

“To all our Graduands today, I bring you warm greetings and congratulations from the entire Makerere University community upon successfully fulfilling the requirements for the award of degrees and diplomas of Makerere University. Your success is indeed the joy of Makerere University. This is your achievement but you should always remember the sacrifices others have made to ensure that you stand here today. Therefore to all parents and guardians, we thank you for the support and sacrifices that you have made throughout the period of study of your children to make sure that they succeed. The best gift you can give your children is education, and you have done so.  We thank you and  may the Almighty God bless you abundantly,” he added.

“May I also express my sincere appreciation to the entire Staff of Makerere University for their dedicated service to this great institution and the entire nation. Your contribution towards this nation is  priceless and Makerere University is forever grateful,” he said.

The ceremony was organized by the Makerere University Ceremonies Committee headed by Prof. Anthony Mugisha, and had indefatigable input from all members of Staff of Makerere University.

Compiled by Marion Alina

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