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Call for Submissions: ThinkAfricaPress

  • In General
  • 24 Mar 2011 - 4:16pm
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
  • 293
Think Africa Press is a new, online publication committed to pan-African news analysis and commentary. Working with African universities, local correspondents as well as international experts, it provides the forum for a variety of voices to be heard.

This call for submissions represents an excellent chance to make an impact beyond the realms of academia. It is an opportunity not only to get published but to provide intellectual thought to a wider, less esoteric audience and to be part of a process effecting change.

Given the variety of sections, submissions may be on any relevant topic, although there is a list of desired articles: http://thinkafricapress.com/content/desired-articles .

Please direct your submissions to: editor@thinkafricapress.com


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