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ASF-RESIST Research Action Launched

Director DRGT-Prof. Mukadasi Buyinza poses for a group photo with participants during the ASF-RESIST Inception Meeting, 26th June 2018, Metropole Hotel, Kampala Uganda

Early this year, the African Union, supported by the European Union awarded a research grant of USD 1,249,988 to a consortium of scientists led by the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS), Makerere University to implement a research action aimed at ‘Developing innovative and sustainable approaches to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Africa (ASF-RESIST)’. The research was launched on 26th June 2018 by Prof. Mukadasi Buyinza, Director Research and Graduate Training, who represented the Vice Chancellor, Makerere University at the inception meeting held at Metropole Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

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