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Prospective Students advised on building a reputable academic and career path

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  • 11 May 2018 - 6:58pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
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Mr. Ssentongo interacting with the students.

The Ag. Deputy Registrar (Undergraduate Admissions and Records Division) Mr. Charles Ssentongo, has advised high school students to focus on their future when building a reputable academic and career path. This was during a Mentorship and Career Guidance Workshop organised on 9th May 2018 by Childlife Network Uganda in conjunction with the Office of the Academic Registrar and Makerere University Public Relations Office. 

Since 2014, the Makerere University has been conducting a mentorship and career guidance program in which key University Officials mainly from the Office of Academic Registrar engage students from Childlife Network Uganda on building a strong career path. During this annual program, students are exposed to wider experience in institutions of higher learning with the aim of motivating and inspiring them. In the same spirit, they are introduced to career development and realities for earlier career preparations. 

Some of the students posing for the photo with Mr. Ssentongo Charles and Ms. Ritah Namisango.

Interacting with over 100 students in the Senior Common Room, Mr. Ssentongo urged students to have a self- awareness -assessment mechanism that will enable students understand themselves better and have a focused mind on their academics and objectives.  According to him, for students to stay focused, they should have interest in what they are doing, be open to information access and having the ability to achieve their goals. 

“Your interest must be in line with your ability to do something.  If want to be a doctor, you should have the ability to become one and then have access to the necessary information in this field.  The interest starts from the subjects you are doing, then to the combination and the course. Always evaluate your abilities, talents, personalities and values to understand yourself better. Knowing what you want can determine your destination,” he said. 

He emphasized discipline among students as one of the important soft skills a person must acquire. “The only way we can develop and expand our job environment is through prudent management of soft skills like discipline,” he added.

Ms. Ritah Namisango engaging students.

Taking students through the University’s rich history, the Senior Public Relations Officer Ms. Ritah Namisango, encouraged students to read and excel so that they return after high school and join the legendary and renowned institution in the world. She emphasized the need for students to access information relevant to their academics and career objectives when she said, “being informed is very important, you cannot miss out opportunities and other relevant issues. It is very difficult to make mistakes when you have the necessary information. I therefore implore you to utilize the available platforms for information.” 

Article by:  Nabatte Proscovia Public Relations Office 

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