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MCF First Cohort Graduates advised to be useful citizens

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  • 31 Jan 2018 - 7:46pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
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R-L: Chancellor-Prof. Ezra Suruma, Chair Council-Eng. Dr. Charles Wana-Etyem, Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe and Ms. Claire Muga Akinyi, at the fourth session of the 68th Graduation Ceremony on 19th January 2018. Ms. Claire Muga Akinyi graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Community Psychology.

On 20th January 2016, the MasterCard foundation at Makerere University organized a flourish party for the First Cohort Scholars who graduated during the 68th Makerere University graduation. The highly colorful ceremony was attended by parents/guardians, Mastercard Foundation Project Implementation Team, Makerere University Management among other invited guests to celebrate the academic achievement of the Scholars.
Clad in their official graduation gowns, Scholars were ushered in the Makerere University Main Hall amidst applause from the overwhelmed audience. The overjoyed students could not hide their happiness as the School of Performing Arts and Film was invited to entertain the guests.

The Senior Program Manager at Mastercard Foundation Ms. Ivy Mwai, Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe and  the Coordinator of the MCF program at Makerere University , Dr Florence Nakayiwa impressed by the students testimonies

28 first cohort Scholars graduated during the 68th Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University held from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th January 2018 in the University’s Freedom Square. One of the Scholars, Claire Muga Akinyi graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Community Psychology.

Presiding over the Graduation Party held on Saturday 20th January 2018 in the University Main Hall, the Chairperson of Makerere University Council, Eng. Dr. Charles Wana-Etyem congratulated the 1st Cohort MCF Scholars upon this milestone, advised Scholars to be disciplined, focus on excelling in different aspects of life and be useful citizens to the country.
“I am pleased that the graduates have been transformed by the education received ... you came here naïve, but listening to the testimonies from the MCF Graduates this afternoon, you are now confident and positive about the future,” he said. “I am pleased that the graduates used their opportunity well.”

Eng. Dr. Wana-Etyem exalted MCF for supporting the students and the University as well as the country. “The graduates are an asset to Uganda, while the money received from MCF is also used to support other students through another scholarship programme, so we are grateful for the effort.”

The Chairperson of Makerere University Council, Eng. Dr. Charles Wana-Etyem handing over a gift to one of the scholars that graduated.

He appealed to the parents to encourage their children to study hard. “If it was not for education you would not have met me,” he added.

The Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, challenged the graduates to be more determined to succeed. “You must consider yourselves privileged because you came from a less privileged background … 85% of the first cohort have graduated, including a first-class degree, which is a major success.”

In 2013, Makerere University partnered with Mastercard Foundation to offer scholarships to 1,000 academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to study at Makerere University.
According to Prof. Nawangwe, the partnership owes a lot to its two main champions, who include the former chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera and the former programme coordinator, Ms Catherine Kanabahita, who designed the base framework of the partnership.

Scholars clad in their official graduation gowns.

“It was Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, who was attending a conference in India, who made the first call and persuaded Mastercard to partner with Makerere University,” he said. “If he had returned to Kampala after the workshop, no one would have known about it.”

He also applauded Ms Kanabahita, who has since been succeeded, Dr Florence Nakayiwa.

The Vice Chancellor thanked the MCF Advisory Board, MCF Steering Committee, MCF Project Implementation Team and the Mentors for the selfless service rendered.

For his part, Prof Kagonyera explained why he made the call to persuade Mastercard. “I’m passionate about the education of under privileged students especially Ugandans … I urge you graduates to help the person next to you and … do the best with the knowledge you have got and if you can get more knowledge.”

Prof Kagonyera urged the Government to match MCF’s contribution with its own funds. “This will help reach out to more young people out there. If this money is invested in education, it will be put to better use.”

The former chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera and the former programme coordinator, Ms Catherine Kanabahita, who designed the base framework of the partnership

Speaking on behalf of MCF, Senior Program Manager, Ivy Mwai, exhorted the graduates to give back to their communities. “Our hope is that the graduates will spur development in Africa. I urge you to prepare yourselves for the boisterous journey of life,” she said. “I urge you to encourage your peers to join the programme.”

The Chairperson of the MCF Steering Committee, Dr Ernest Okello-Ogwang also had a message for the graduates.

“Don’t think that you are too privileged to multiply your gifts – take your gifts to the community. This is the first cohort to graduate, and many more are scheduled to graduate in future.” He also commended MCF for its contribution and saluted Prof. Mondo Kagonyera for seizing the opportunity to bring MCF to Makerere University.

The Coordinator of the MCF partnership, Dr Florence Nakayiwa expressed optimism for the programme.

he former chancellor, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera together with the the Chairperson of the Makerere University Council, Eng. Dr. Charles Wana-Etyem joined the students during the cake cutting.
“When you undertake a project, you don’t know how it will end but from seeing the fruits, we are already gratified by the success,” she said.

Speaking on their cohort’s behalf, Clare Mugga Akinyi, who obtained a first-class bachelors degree in Community Psychology, seemed to capture their mood.

“We are not average. We have to act exceptional as we are representatives of MCF and the great Makerere University,” she said, to loud cheers.
Mackline Banaga, who now holds an upper second class Bsc in Quantitative Economics, was chosen to speak for her female counterparts. “I thank God for this opportunity, because we were thousands of applicants and only 50 were selected. It is never too late to carry on the vision of the Mastercard foundation, not to forget who you are,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of the male MCF Graduates, Matia Mulumba, who holds an upper second class Bachelor of Agribusiness Management degree, said he was already giving back to his community in Kagadi.

Students, parents and invited guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner.
“I was chosen from among all the poor in Kagadi, and I have returned to work in Kagadi, where I’m already giving advice and support to the locals. I thank Mastercard for the opportunity accorded to me to touch and support others,” he said.

Speaking for all the parents, Jane Namazzi, a mother to one of the graduates, Christine Namagambo, praised MCF. “I thank God that my daughter did not disappoint and has graduated. Even when she was unwell, she was well taken care of, which was unexpected for a poor mother like me.”

On behalf of parents, Ms. Jane Namazzi, a mother to one of the graduates, Christine Namagambo, praised Mastercard Foundation for its generous support towards their children. be sides is the Makerere University Senior Public Relations Officer Ms. Ritah Namisango.

“I’m really amazed at the gift of education given to my daughter from a tiny village in Butambala ... I pray for more blessings to Mastercard, who have supported us all this time.”

The colourful ceremony with befitting entertainment from students and staff of Performing Arts and Film climaxed with the cutting of the cake and a sumptuous dinner.

Article by: Mak News Team



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