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School of Law hosts National Dialogue on State of Policing in Uganda

  • In Law
  • 20 Nov 2017 - 4:23pm
  • By Mark Wamai
  • 1,043
DP President-Hon. Nobert Mao (L) and Uganda Police Force Spokesperson-Emilian Kayima (R) were some of the panelists at the National Dialogue organised by the School of Law, 17th November 2017, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

The Public Interest law Clinic in the School of Law in conjunction with Human Rights Network-Uganda (HURINET-U) and The Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) on Friday 17th November 2017convened a National Dialogue on the State of Policing in Uganda at the St Francis Students Centre in Makerere University.
Organized on the theme: The Search for a Democratic and Accountable Police Service in Uganda: Milestones and Challenges since Independence, the event attracted the participation of the academia, civil society organizations, Government agencies, and the student community.
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