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DRGT-SLPA PhD Cross-Cutting Course: Philosophy of Method

The Arts Quadrangle, School of Liberal and Performing Arts, CHUSS, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (RGT) in collaboration with the School of Liberal and Performing Arts, Department of Philosophy and Development Studies, Makerere University announces the PhD-Cross-cutting Training Course: ‘PHILOSOPHY OF METHOD’

This course unit is among the required crosscutting courses for PhD students to expand their academic and practical comprehension of the concepts of science, knowledge and research; acquaint the students with the philosophical principles behind the quantitative and qualitative methods of research; enhance the students’ awareness about ethical conflicts in relation to research; and provide a forum for each student to discuss, and improve their own research proposals.

Please see Downloads for full announcement

Course Duration:   12th to 23rd June, 2017
Who should apply:    PhD Students
Maximum Number of Participants:  60
Latest Date of application:    5th June 2017

Downloads & Essential Attachments

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