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Swedish Ambassador opens Mak-Sida Annual Review Meeting



The Ambassador of Sweden to Uganda, H.E Urban Andersson has opened the 2014 Mak-Sida Annual Review Meeting, which brings together Ugandan and Swedish partners to assess the achievements in research and to work towards strengthening synergies in the higher education sector.

Addressing the participants at the Annual Planning Meeting, which started on Monday 6th October 2014 in the CEDAT Conference Hall, the Ambassador was glad to note that the outcome of the review meeting would enrich the upcoming Research Dissemination Conference.

“This Annual Review will surely feed into the announced International Science Conference in April 2015, in which the results from the last five years of Swedish research collaboration will then be discussed with higher education stakeholders from Uganda and abroad,” said the Ambassador.

His Excellency Andersson also acknowledged the long term friendship between Makerere University and the Royal Government of Sweden and urged both partners to maintain the mutual relationship and collaboration in order to achieve the set goals of the programme.

“The long term goal of this program- improved intellectual capacity -is imperative to determine strategies and solutions for everyday problems affecting the globe. Therefore our concern should focus on how to achieve this goal in an interconnected globalized world,” the Ambassador remarked.[L-R] Prof G Nasinyama, Prof M Buyinza, Prof John Ddumba-Ssentamu, HE Urban Andersson, Dr. Katri Pohjolainen, and Ms. Susanne Spets looking at a presentation during the opening ceremony.

The Vice chancellor of Makerere University Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu, appreciated the significance of the continued support from the Royal Government of Sweden to the realization of the Makerere University Research agenda, improvement of the teaching, learning and research infrastructure, advancement of ICT and library services as well as human resource capacity building.

“This support has been monumental and critical to the realization of our core functions of teaching and learning, research and innovations, and partnership and networking. I am happy to report that since 2000 when our cooperation began, over 150 academic staff have completed their PHD studies and over 30 have completed their Master’s degrees through Sida funding,” the Vice Chancellor reported.

In the same spirit, the Director, Directorate of Research and Graduate Training at Makerere University Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi, applauded the Government and people of Sweden for the generous support to Makerere University.  Prof M Buyinza, Dr Katri Pohjolainen, and Ms. Susanne Spets at the College of Natural Sciences. Standing is the Principal Prof JY T Mugisha, on his left is Dr John Mango his Deputy.

“There has been three consecutive agreement periods, which have amounted to SEK 495 million (USD71million) these funds have significantly contributed to capacity development through skills acquisition and nurturing of new breed of scientists that hold the candle for Uganda’s development, thereby improving Uganda’s research culture,” Prof. Buyinza remarked.

Prof. Buyinza also highlighted some of the challenges the university was facing in the process of developing research and capacity building.

“The University still faces a number of challenges including inadequate research infrastructure, inadequate research funding and low level of support for basic research, leading to the obstruction of the research-industrial-economic growth nexus,” he added.

The opening ceremony saw H.E Urban Andersson launch a tool developed by the Directorate of ICT Support. The web-based tool will be used to monitor the progress of research of graduate students and monitoring their supervisors.

After the Opening ceremony, the Annual Review Meeting continued with the Mak-Sida Science Day with scientific presentations focusing on the theme, Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. Staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences whose research is funded under the Mak-Sida Research Cooperation programme, shared with the audience the relevance of their PHD work and research to the respective communities.

Some of the projects shared included:Part of the audience at the College of Natural Sciences

  • Dietary lipid oxidation in fish feeds: effects and use of alternative raw material
  • The Pesticides project that investigates the emerging persistent organic pollutants in air and precipitation samples taken in the Ugandan part of the Lake Victoria watershed
  • Integration of Nutri-Medicinal Plants as Therapeutics in Health Care Delivery in Uganda
  • Phytochemistry and Bioactivity of selected plant species used by Rukararwe and Prometra herbalists in treatment of Malaria in Uganda
  • The Green Chemistry Project focusing on coordination chemistry research involving usage of reactants and the products of their reactions, which are as far as possible environmental friendly
  • The Environmental Monitoring project aimed at developing and trying out new technologies to restore vegetation in the polluted pyrite soil
  • Mathematical modeling Project focused on studying the hydrodynamics of Lake Victoria because of its importance to Uganda and the region

The Makerere University Directorate of Research and Graduate Training and the College of Natural Sciences organized the Mak-Sida 2014 Science Day.

Written by: Nabatte Prossy,Volunteer, MAK Public Relations Office
Edited by:   Ritah Namisango, MAK Public Relations Office






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Engineering, Art & Tech

A Successful Ph.D. Defense by Vianney Andrew Yiga



The CEDAT community is proud to share our congratulations to Vianney Andrew Yiga following his successful Ph.D. defense that happened yesterday Monday 3rd October 2022 at the College of Engineering, Design, Art, and Technology (CEDAT).

His Thesis was titled; Thermal Stability of Fiber- Reinforced Polylactic Acid Composites for Flameretarded Applications.

The candidate was supervised by Eng. Dr. Michael Lubwama and Eng. Dr. Peter W. Olupot both from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at CEDAT.

Dr. John Wasswa, Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences (CONAS), Makerere University was the opponent that interrogated the candidate to enable a clear understanding of the study.

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Makerere University Launches National Parenting Draft Manual



The Director of Culture at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ms. Juliana Naumo Akoryo (Centre) and Dr. Godfrey Siu, the Principal Investigator from Mak-CHDC (Right) interact with a participant at the workshop on 22nd July 2022, Kampala.

By Agnes Namaganda

On July 22nd 2022, Makerere UniversityChild Health and Development Centre (MakCHDC) launched a draft manual for the National Parenting Standards. The Centre has been working together with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) with funding from UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund), to develop standards that are agreeable to all organisations in the country that are involved in parenting work. The draft manual was being presented to members of a consortium that brings together all these organisations together, called the Parenting Agenda Consortium.

“We produce many documents and they are shelved,” Irene Ayot Chono, who was speaking on behalf of UNICEF said. “We hope that this document will not be one of them,” she emphasized.

Irene Ayot Chono-UNICEF, urging participants to utilize the manual once it is complete.
Irene Ayot Chono-UNICEF, urging participants to utilize the manual once it is complete.

Dr. Godfrey Siu, the Principal Investigator from Mak-CHDC who presented the draft manual to participants, emphasized that if any organization is doing parenting work, there should be a minimum package that they should offer.

Draft Manual Content

The manual which will have several modules. These modules will be delivered face-to-face in 1.5 hour sessions. Some of these include; Module 6 which will focus on “understanding responsible masculinity and fatherhood” and on “understanding the concept of head of family.”The draft manual also proposed that Module 11 focuses on Parenting in the 21st Century. Some of the sessions in this module will include Children and Technology, Contemporary Influence on Children and Modernity, Culture and Morality.Module 9 will focus on Parenting for Adolescents and some of the suggested sessions within this module are Needs for Adolescents and The Art of Communicating with Adolescents. Module 5 will focus on Preventing Violent Parenting and Promoting Alternative Discipline Strategies while Module 10 will be about Parenting to Address the Mental Health for Children and Adults.

Dr. Godfrey Siu, the Principal Investigator from Mak-CHDC presenting the contents of the National Parenting Standards Draft Manual.
Dr. Godfrey Siu, the Principal Investigator from Mak-CHDC presenting the contents of the National Parenting Standards Draft Manual.

Participants’ suggestions

After the presentation, participants raised several suggestions for discussion and consideration. These included whether there should be a module on spirituality since Uganda is a strongly religious nation. There was also the concern of how children in remand homes should be parented. Another concern raised by a participant was as to whether teachers who make an undeniable contribution to parenting, should be taken through the parenting manual.

A participant gives her input at the National Parenting Standards Draft Manual launch.
A participant gives her input at the National Parenting Standards Draft Manual launch.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Juliana Naumo Akoryo, the Director of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) said that the manual is for the parenting organisations to utilize and not for MGLSD.

The Director of Culture at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ms. Juliana Naumo Akoryo making closing remarks at the workshop.
The Director of Culture at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ms. Juliana Naumo Akoryo making closing remarks at the workshop.

Ms. Chono also adjured the team behind the manual to use picture illustrations in the manual that can be relatable by the Ugandan parents.

Contact: Agnes Namaganda –

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Launch of Mak-RIF Round 4 Awards & PhD Call for Proposals



Mak-RIF 4 Awards and PhD Call For Proposals, 29th September 2022, 9:00 to 10:00 AM EAT.

Makerere University received funding from the Government of the Republic of Uganda, earmarked to support high impact Research and Innovations. This unique initiative arose after engagements between the top University Management and the Government of Uganda. This fund illustrates the increasing importance that the Government attaches to Research and Innovation as a driver of development and transformation. The objective of the fund is to increase the local generation of translatable research and scalable innovations that address key gaps required to drive Uganda’s development agenda. 

In the Financial years 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 the Government of the Republic of Uganda through Mak-RIF has funded implementation of over 750 multidisciplinary research and innovations within the various Colleges, while engaging multiple stakeholders within and outside Makerere University. The Grants Management Committee (GMC) has finalized the award process for the Mak-RIF round 4 call for funding for this Financial Year 2022/2023.

The Grants Management Committee (GMC) hereby invites you to the Launch of the Mak-RIF Round 4 awards and PhD Call for Proposals scheduled to take place tomorrow Thursday 29th September 2022 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. EAT. 

Please use the following details to join the launch.

Register in advance for this meeting: 
Meeting ID: 884 5662 9992
Password: 292624

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