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IACE Knowledge Creation and Transfer Symposium

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  • 4 Nov 2010 - 9:50am
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
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The Institute of Adult and Continuing Education (IACE), Makerere University is organizing a symposium on “PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN UNIVERSITIES AND COMMUNITIES ON KNOWLEDGE CREATION AND TRANSFER

due to take place on Friday 5th November 2010 at the Department of Food Science and Technology Conference hall.

The Intellectual exchange, some of which will be done in Luganda will feature will take the participants through discussions on how to manage and anticipate 21st Century Change and Transformation.

Some of the main speakers will be: Budd Hall, Director of Office of Community-Based Research and Professor of Public Administration, University of Victoria, British Columbia,Canada; Lynn Thornton, Executive Director of Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA); Paulo Wangoola, Founder and Nabyama (President) of Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, an indigenous institution of higher learning; and Kabona Mugalula Wamala, A Walusi Order Priest of Afrikan Spirituality and Head of the School of Afrikan Spirituality and Philosophy at Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity.

View details on discussants MS Word version, PDF version

View the symposium programme MS Word version, PDF version


George L Openjuru, Ph.D
Department of Community Education and Extra-Mural Studies
Institute of Adult and Continuing Education,
Makerere University
P.O.Box 7062
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256-414-540009
Mob: +256-772-503301

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