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60th Graduation Ceremony

  • In General
  • 9 Dec 2009 - 11:16am
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
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The Academic Registrar wishes to announce that the 60th Graduation Ceremony will be held from Monday, 18th January to Friday, 22nd January, 2010. Find here below general information related to the graduation ceremony.

Hire of Academic Dress

It is essential fro all graduands to wear full academic dress. The current hire charges are as follows:

Charges for hiring academic dress
Article PhD Graduands Hire Charge Fee (Shs) Masters/Undergraduates Hire Charge Fee (Shs)
Gown 25,000 7,000
Hood   3,000
Mortarboard 5,000 5,000
Total 30,000 15,000

The deposit fee for hire is broken down for each article of academic dress as follows:

Deposit fees for academic dress
Article PhD Graduands Hire Charge Fee (Shs) Masters/Undergraduates Hire Charge Fee (Shs)
Gown 40,000 15,000
Hood   4,000
Mortarboard 10,000 6,000
Total 50,000 25,000

Members of staff may hire academic dress from the Central store without paying a deposit fee. Applicants who wish to take up this option should write to the Bursar through the Academic Registrar. They should clearly indicate that they are ready to surrender part of their salary deducted to recover the cost of the dress should they bring it back in a damaged state or fail to return it.This option is for members of staff only.

Graduation, Convocation, Transcript and Certificate Fees

Please note that every first degree graduand must pay Shs 80,000/= as Graduation, Convocation, Transcript and Certificate Fees before they can be allowed to graduate. The paying-in-slips should be picked from respective Faculties/Central Stores. The fee should be paid to the Bank (Stanbic or DFCU branches, Makerere or Wandegeya).

The breakdown of the fees is as follows:

Necessary Fees for Graduation
  Ugandan Graduands (Shs) International Graduands (US$)
Convocation 10,000 10
Graduation 30,000 50
Certificate 20,000 50
Transcript 20,000 50
Total 80,000 160

Cylinder Fee

All PhD graduands are required to pay a Cylinder fee of Shs 50,000/= in addition to the other fees

Invitation Cards

Each graduand is allowed one invitation card for his/her selected guests (TWO GUESTS ONLY). In subsequent communication, graduands will be required to submit the names of the two guests that they wish to invite for the ceremony and thereafter their invitation cards will be issued. Cards and gowns will be collected from 11th to 15th January 2009.

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