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Education Researcher links Arabic to several Bantu languages

The research carried out by Mr Dennis Asiimwe, who describes himself as an inter-disciplinary researcher based in Kampala, was presented to a panel of Makerere University academics last week.

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The Guild Election Petition Tribunal releases its findings

At a consultative meeting held on Thursday, 25th March 2010 that was chaired by the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, and attended by members of University Management, Guild Presidential Candidates, and members of the Electoral Commission, it was agred that the Guild Constitution be adhered to, in as far as resolving all matters arising out of, and pertaining to the Guild Elections held on Tuesday 23rd March 2010.

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MAKAIR: A Students' dream comes true

“I would like to welcome you to this milestone occasion where we are launching the Makerere University wireless hotspots. We are formally launching and publicising the various internet access sites installed by DICTS over a wireless local area network – MAKAIR” remarked Dr. Nora Mulira, Director – Directorate for ICT Support (DICTS) as she welcomed guest to the launch.
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Egerton University Beats Tumaini University in Zac

Apart from Egerton University, other universities that have gone through the first round and have moved on to the quarter finals are Uganda's Makerere University, University of Ghana and Kenya's Africa Nazarene University.

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Research Voices from Africa speak through IFIP 2010 at CIT

Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) have for several years now campaigned that ICT holds the promise to improve conditions in developing countries in a variety of manners. However, most of the actual results may not be astonishing. Why did existing knowledge about the correlations between ICT and the economy and society fail to develop ICT to support development? Is the mainstream model of conceptualizing and implementing ICT4D applicable in the African context? What are the alternatives to dominant approaches?
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Small pox reported in Bududa camps

Meanwhile, the government has sent a team of geologists from Makerere University to assess the risk to Manafwa District residents living on Mt. Elgon slopes following the discovery of a five-kilometre long uphill fissure.

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Expert tips on landslide control

Landslides in hilly areas can be alleviated by promoting appropriate soil conservation technologies, Prof. Abwooli Banana of Makerere University has said.

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Rein in Region's Trigger-Happy 'Security'

Last week, which closed with the tragedy at Kasubi, where at least two people were shot dead by President Museveni's security, had opened with a security guard at one of the hostels near Makerere University in Kampala
opening fire and killing two Kenyan students in the heat of excitement over student guild campaigns.

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Remove lethal weapons from police, security guards and riot police.

While the police did the right thing to disarm all private guards at Makerere University, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that regulates activities of private security companies, should as a matter of emergency, direct the disarmament of all private security personnel countrywide.

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True friends know each other’s crooked ways

Two Kenyan students at Makerere University were shot dead by a security guard at their hostel in Kampala last Monday. As was to be expected, on Tuesday the students staged protests at the killings.


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