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Mak Holds Annual Suppliers’ Forum: Envisions Improved Service Delivery

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  • 3 May 2019 - 3:36pm
  • By Mark Wamai
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The DVCFA-Prof. William Bazeyo officially opens the Annual Suppliers' Forum on 2nd May 2019, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. Prof. Bazeyo urged suppliers to always deliver quality products.

On Thursday 2nd May 2019, Makerere University held the Suppliers’ Forum aimed at fostering strong relationships with suppliers, improving procurement processes and service delivery.

Officially opening the Makerere University Suppliers’ Forum, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration-Prof. William Bazeyo urged suppliers to always supply quality products to Makerere University.

Prof. Bazeyo appreciated the role of suppliers as key partners of Makerere University. “Our suppliers play a key role in the success of our business particularly in the areas of production, technology and growth. With the collaboration from our partners and suppliers, Makerere University contributes to sustainable development,” said Prof. Bazeyo.

He informed the audience that in his capacity as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration), he would work with the University Secretary, Finance Department, Procurement and Disposal Unit to ensure that all user units in the University strictly follow the procurement plans and cycles. He also appealed to the suppliers to only supply items to Makerere University after receiving the Local Purchase Order.

The Manager, Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU), Mr. Paul Agaba interacts with the audience

Organised by Makerere University Procurement and Disposal Unit, the Forum funded by Makerere University and Stanbic Bank attracted over 200 participants comprising suppliers, Mak members of Management and staff.  The forum provided a platform of sharing experiences, lessons and challenges with a motive of making fundamental commitments to providing a conducive environment for both the supplier and Makerere University.

Emphasizing the benefits of a strategic supplier relationship, the Manager Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU), Mr. Paul Agaba said information sharing and efficient communication between suppliers and clients leads to good working relationships, reduced lead time in procurements and continued improvement of operations.

Addressing the participants, Mr. Yusuf Kiranda, the Deputy University Secretary said the Suppliers’ Forum presented to Makerere University and its Suppliers a platform to discuss concerns on procurement and supply particularly delivery and quality.

The Deputy University Secretary, Mr. Yusuf Kiranda said the Forum presents an opportunity to discuss ways through which products can be delivered on time and suppliers paid on time

“The forum allows the free flow of feedback and ideas between Makerere University and its suppliers and presents an opportunity to discuss ways through which products can be delivered on time and suppliers paid on time,” said Mr. Kiranda.

During the discussion, the suppliers appreciated the idea of an Annual forum aimed at strengthening relationships with Makerere University. The suppliers commended Makerere University for employing professional Procurement officers. They however requested Makerere University to always provide clear specification of items required by the respective user units. “If the specifications are clear, we will be in position to reduce the lead time in the procurement processes.”

The suppliers also noted that the current practice where Makerere University through the Procurement and Disposal Unit team communicates to only the successful bidder keeps the other firm/companies that competed for the same service in speculation. “When they communicate to only the successful bidder, the rest of us who competed remain in the dark. You keep on wondering whether you will receive a telephone call to provide the service. We therefore request that you communicate to all the firms that competed participated in the process, the final decision.”

On receipt of this constructive feedback, the University Secretary-Mr. Charles Barugahare who actively participated in the Suppliers’ Forum assured the suppliers that Makerere University through its Procurement and Disposal Unit will be communicating to all firms/companies that submitted bids to provide a particular service, the final decision of the University.

The University Secretary, Mr. Charles Barugahare assured suppliers of better communication

“We have taken this feedback seriously. Makerere University through its Procurement and Disposal Unit will communicate to all bidders. We will communicate to those who have been successful and those who were not successful,” said Mr. Barugahare.

Ms. Eva Ssewagudde, Programme Manager, Stanbic Bank called upon suppliers to manage their businesses professionally, network with others to be able to get access to both local and international connections and markets for their products.

She urged the audience to embrace the Stanbic Bank Digital Banking services which include making transactions through Mobile Banking, Agent Banking and the Stanbic App hence promoting digital solutions to customers, to enhance convenience and continued value to customer experience.

Stanbic's Ms. Eva Ssewagudde urged the audience to embrace Digital Banking Services

Closing the Suppliers’ Forum, the University Secretary, Mr. Charles Barugahare, commended Stanbic Bank for its continued support towards Makerere University activities. He also thanked the Makerere University Procurement team for initiating the Annual Suppliers’ Forum.

“I thank the Procurement and Disposal Unit for initiating the Annual Suppliers’ Forum.  In a special way, I appreciate Stanbic Bank for funding this Forum. I hope that this Forum will be held annually so that we always meet and discuss ways of serving Makerere University better,” said Mr. Barugahare.

Article: Mak Public Relations Office

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