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Mak Strengthens Ties with Case Western Reserve University



On Monday, 25th March 2019, over 100 guests gathered at the College of Health Sciences Gardens in Mulago to celebrate the 30 years of collaboration between Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).

Led by the President, HE. Barbara R. Snyder, the visitors from Case Western Reserve University started the celebrations by visiting the office of the Vice Chancellor Makerere University where they held a brief meeting with Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, College Principals and other University Administrators.

Expressing her gratitude towards Makerere University, HE. Barbara R. Snyder revealed that the 30 years of collaboration are a sign of good relationship between the two Universities and that Makerere University is doing good work in and outside of Uganda and for the good services provided by the University, Case Western Reserve University has a lot of pride in their collaboration with Makerere.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (Left) presents HE. Barbara R. Snyder (Right) with a souvenir bag during the celebrations marking 30 years of collaboration between MakCHS and CWRU

“Our collaboration with Makerere University is growing very fast and its fruits can be seen by the good results it produces,” said HE. Barbara R. Snyder.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe noted that Case Western Reserve University is a friend indeed as it came in at the right time when Uganda needed help from people with more knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

“In 1989, Uganda had been hit by one of the world’s leading killer diseases which is HIV/AIDS and by that time, no Ugandan had full knowledge about the fast killing disease and many families lost their loved ones, not until Case Western Reserve University came in to give Uganda a helping hand. You came to Uganda at a time of need, thank you” echoed Prof. Nawangwe.

The Dean, School of Medicine -Prof. Moses Kamya called for an expansion of the collaboration to the rest of Mak's colleges

He noted that MakCHS is playing a big role by being Uganda’s leading Health College as it is addressing real National concerns by providing real solutions to the country’s health problems, “and Makerere being a leading University has a major responsibility of moving Uganda to another level of good performance in all aspects.”

According to the Principal MakCHS Prof. Charles Ibingira, the college started in 1924 as a medical school which was later turned into Faculty of Medicine until 2008 when it was transformed into a College with five schools. These are;

•    Makerere University School of Biomedical Sciences
•    Makerere University School of Health Sciences
•    Makerere University School of Medicine
•    Makerere University School of Public Health
•    Makerere University School of Dentistry

The Dean, School of Public Health-Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze thanked CWRU for training 8 MakSPH staff at both Masters and PhD levels

He also noted that with the vision of beginning a leading and transformational institution for academic excellence and innovation in Health Sciences, the college was recently ranked Africa’s 2nd leading College of Health Sciences and is now aiming at the 1st position. This he attributed to the many collaborations attracted some of which are with Uganda Heart Institute, Uganda Cancer Institute among others.

Prof. Ibingira thanked the President of Case Western Reserve University for working hard with MakCHS to ensure that all programs run smoothly and successfully through her continuous follow-ups and hoped even for more collaboration.

Among the presenters were the Deans of the different Schools of the college. Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze, the Dean School of Public Health (MakSPH) and only female Dean at MakCHS noted that the School’s training includes field placements and hands-on projects integrated into all graduate programs.

The Director Mak Health Services-Prof. Josaphat Byamugisha moved the vote of thanks and shared plans develop a University teaching hospital

She added that the School works hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health and thanked Case Western Reserve University for training 8 MakSPH staff at both Masters and PhD levels.

The Dean School of Medicine, Prof. Moses R. Kamya, thanked H.E Snyder for maintaining Case Western Reserve University’s partnership with Makerere University and College of Health Sciences in particular and requested that the partnership should extend to the entire Makerere University as well.

Addressing the guests, the Director Makerere University Health Services Prof. Josaphat Byamugisha indicated that MakCHS is keen to develop a University teaching hospital and called for more collaborations to help purchase equipment.

Mr. Byamugisha Joseph, MakCHS President and Fourth Year student of the Bachelor of Medicine and   Bachelor of Surgery.

He thanked the University Management for being supportive to the college and expressed his sincere gratitude to them.

“We hold with high regard the research collaboration that we have had for thirty years now as it has synthesized solutions to a number of world problems at large, hence contributing to the wellbeing of our population especially the dedication to the HIV/AIDS pandemic,” concluded Mr. Byamugisha Joseph, College President and Fourth Year student of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

The Department of Performing Arts and Film (PAF) led by Dr. Sylvia Nannyonga Tamusuza (with mic) took guests on a tour of Uganda cultures

Article by Rachael Kanyi, Volunteer, Mak Public Relations Office

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Re-advertisement: Undergraduate Programmes 2024/2025



A section of the University Road

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University invites applications from Ugandan, East African, and international applicants for the undergraduate programmes under Government Sponsorship (BVL) and private sponsorship scheme for the 2024/2025 Academic Year.

Each applicant should:

a) Have the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least five passes, or its equivalent and at least two principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting. For day programmes only candidates who sat A’ Level in 2023,2022 and 2020 are eligible to apply. For evening, afternoon, and external programmes, a candidate is not restricted on the year of sitting A’ Level.


d) Degree from a recognised/Chartered Institution

Further details on the re-advertised programmes , fees structure, and the procedure of submitting applications can be accessed from the document below:                                            

The closing date for receiving applications for undergraduate admissions is Friday 26th July 2024.                                                           


  1. Applicants are strongly warned against presenting forged or other people’s academic documents to support their applications for admission.  The consequences, if discovered, are very grave indeed.
  2. Do not buy any other documents not originating from the Academic Registrar’s Office.  Those who buy them do so at their own risk. 
  3. The Academic Registrar has not appointed any agent to act on his behalf to solicit for additional funds other than the application fee stated above.    
  4. Applicants are advised to use the right programme names and codes. The university will not be responsible for any wrong information entered in the system by applicants.     

Prof. Mukadasi Buyinza

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Freshers’ Orientation and Registration For 2024/2025 Academic Year



To All First Year Students;
First Year students (Freshers) are by tradition given an “acclimatization” period of one week
which is referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus one week
earlier than the Continuing students and during this week they are introduced to the key facilities in the University as well as other important aspects of life at the University.

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Admission Lists -Disability, Sports and District Quota Schemes 2024/25



Students move towards Main Building on University Road

The Office of Academic Registrar, Makerere University has released the admission list of candidates admitted under the Disability, Sports and District Quota Schemes with Government sponsorship 2024/25 Academic Year.

Kindly follow the links below to access the lists:-

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