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Prof. Noble Banadda – The First African Recipient of the Pius XI Golden Medal

Prof. Noble Banadda (Right) receives his Pius XI Medal from His Holiness Pope Frances (Left) at the award ceremony on 12th November 2018 in the Vatican.

Makerere University’s Prof. Noble Banadda on Monday, 12th November 2018 officially became the first African recipient of the Pius XI Golden Medal Award. The exuberant Prof. Banadda in his communication to the Public Relations Office said.

“This afternoon on November 12, 2018, I met the Holy See, Pope Francis at the Vatican and he personally awarded me the Pius XI Golden Medal Award for Scientific Excellence and publication. It is a great honor to me as the first African recipient of the golden award.”

Prof. Noble Banadda shows off his Pius XI Medal after the award ceremony on 12th November 2018 in the Vatican

In his address to the Pontifical Academy, His Holiness Pope Francis urged the recipients to accord greater attention to the values and fundamental goods that are at the basis of the relationship between people, society and science.

“You, dear scientists and friends of science, have been entrusted with the keys of knowledge. I would like to stand before you as the advocate of the peoples that receive only rarely and from afar the benefits of vast human knowledge and its achievements, especially in the areas of nutrition, health, education, connectivity, well-being and peace. Allow me to say to you in their name: may your research benefit all, so that the peoples of the earth will be fed, given to drink, healed and educated;” read part of the His Holiness’ remarks.

The coveted Pius XI Medal received by Prof. Noble Banadda

As the Makerere University Community, we sincerely congratulate Professor Noble Banadda upon his monumental achievement and wish him greater success in his future endeavours.

Please see Downloads for Pope Francis’ address at the award ceremony.

Article by Public Relations Office

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