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Online Social Networks Effects and Influences among Youth in Kampala

An aerial photo of the Main Library (Left) and College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS)-Right, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

This study sought to understand the influence of online Social Network Sites (SNS) on the youth today. It focused on three respondents i.e. students, parents and workers using questionnaire and interviews as tools of study. A sample size of fifty seven (57) respondents was used; 40 were male and the other 17 were female. Results of the study indicated that all (100%) of the youth who participated in the study use some form of social media. Majority of the respondents in this study use WhatsApp (52%) and Facebook (42%). A big percentage (54%) use SNS for more than an hour a day while 3% reported spending all day. The study recommends that the youth need to be informed through talks and forums on the need to manage their time especially while visiting SNS sites since most of them become so addicted at the expense of study time.

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Source: College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS)

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