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Changing Lives in the Community Through Entrepreneurship

The Author, Mr. Geoffrey Cheruiyot Ngenoh Image:RUFORUM

July 2017 will always be memorable to me. It was during this time that we had the orientation training for new TAGDev scholars and I developed a business mindset. Speaker after speaker during the training, motivated me to start my entrepreneurship journey. By the end of the training I had so many business ideas in mind, but I decided to start with the first one that had sprang to mind, the business of a motorcycle taxi (boda boda)

I bought a motorcycle in October the same year after doing some research on the business and realizing its potential for quick and consistent returns. For example, in my community in Sotik Sub-County in  the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, more and more people now prefer to use boda bodas during their daily journeys rather than walk. I saw this transition in the rural transport system as a great opportunity to tap into the sector revenue.

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