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Mak Participating in 4 of 7 EU Intra-Africa Mobility Programme Projects

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Between 5th to 8th February 2018, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union organized a kick-off meeting for the second cohort of Intra-Africa Mobility projects aimed at supporting mobility of MSc., PhD students as well as Academic and Administrative staff. Regarding application statistics: 72 proposals were submitted and received by EU; 4 were ineligible, hence 68 proposals evaluated and 7 were awarded funding.

Notably, of the 7 successful proposals, Makerere University is participating in 4 projects.

Among these projects, Makerere University is coordinating “Partnership for Training Scientists in Crop Improvement for Africa” under Dr. Odong Thomas Lapaka from CAES and partnering in:

a) Collaborative Training in Fisheries and Aquaculture in East, Central and Southern Africa (COTRA) – CoNAS (Dr. Akoll Peter) to train fish and aquaculture professionals;

b) Harmonisation of Entrepreneurship Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (HEED) – CoBAMS (Dr. Hisali Eria) to train entrepreneurs and

c) Regional academic exchange for enhanced skills in fragile ecosystems management in Africa (REFORM) – CAES (Dr. Mwanjalolo Majaliwa) to train environmentalists to manage fragile ecosystem.

Overall, each of these projects will support an average of 5 MSc and 2 PhD students to study at Makerere over the next 5 years -  an effort by the projects to promote internationalization of Makerere University training activities. In addition, each project will also support at least 3 Msc. and PhD Ugandans to study at partner universities. The unique thing with these projects, is the participation of mandatory credit seeking students, hence the projects will seek full support from University authorities to realize the proposed outcomes.

Article by Peter Akoll, Ph.D, College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS)

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