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Dr. Lin Visits Mak, Seeks Institutional Collaboration

  • In General
  • 5 Oct 2017 - 6:38pm
  • By Mark Wamai
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L-R: Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali, Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin, his wife Mrs. Mei Yvan and Mr. Goddy Muhumuza after the meeting on Thursday 5th October 2017, in the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

The former Chairman of the Uganda Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin and his wife Mrs. Mei Yvan have today Thursday, 5th October 2017 visited Makerere and tabled various opportunities of collaboration between the University and Taiwanese Institutions as well as the business community. They were met by the Principal, College of Business and Management Sciences-Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali who stood in for the Vice Chancellor-Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, and the Acting Director of Legal Affairs-Mr. Goddy Muhumuza.

Welcoming Dr. Lin and his wife Mei, Assoc. Prof. Hisali shared a brief history of Makerere’s growth from a technical institution to the premier public university in the region that is ranked 4th on the African continent in terms of research and publications.

Dr. Lin appreciated Assoc. Prof. Hisali for according him audience and noted that although Taiwan had forged a number of relationships with institutions in North America and Europe, very little was known about other African institutions outside South Africa.

“Taiwanese Institutions are very good at the sciences especially medicine and biotechnology but are not very good when it comes to the social sciences and Internationalization. We know that Makerere is the leader in the region and we would therefore wish to explore opportunities of linking Taiwanese institutions to Makerere University especially in terms of staff and student exchanges” shared Dr. Lin.

Dr. Jeff J.L. Lin (L) and his wife Mrs. Mei Yvan (R) share on the prospects of collaboration during their visit to Makerere University on 5th October 2017

Dr. Lin further noted that although the population of Taiwan is currently estimated at 27million and it is only a seventh of the land area of Uganda, thanks to technology, the nation grows enough food for both domestic consumption and export. “With the right partnerships, Uganda can benefit a lot from Taiwan in terms of technological transfer in agriculture” he added.

Complementing her husband’s contribution, Mrs. Mei Yvan who has taught on voluntary basis in Ugandan institutions noted that she regularly received requests for student exchanges from friends in the Taiwanese academia which she often turned down owing to the absence of formal collaborations with Ugandan institutions. She therefore expressed hope that Makerere University would consider drafting an agreement that facilitates staff, student, cultural and language exchanges between institutions in the two countries. “The language of instruction in Taiwan is English so Ugandan students will find it very easy to learn and excel” she added.

In his response Assoc. Prof. Eria Hisali thanked Dr. Lin and his wife for their visit, noting that it was timely. “Your visit is in line with Makerere University’s four strategic directions of: Administrative and Financial Restructuring and Sustainability; Institutional and Human Resource Development; Rebranding and Quality of service delivery; and Academic Reform.

“In addition to staff and student exchanges as well as research collaboration, Makerere is also seeking to develop her prime land off campus for example in Makindye, and also turn the Guest House into a three-star hotel. We therefore look forward to a broad-based partnership that can take into consideration all these prospects” said Assoc. Prof. Hisali.

Mr. Goddy Muhumuza then took this opportunity to extend a vote of thanks to Dr. Lin and his wife who accorded the Ugandan delegation VIP treatment during the 29th Summer Universiade “Collegiate Olympics” held in Taipei, Taiwan from 19th to 30th August 2017. As a way of formalizing the collaboration between institutions in the two countries, Mr. Muhumuza then agreed draft a Memorandum of Understanding that makes the most of Dr. Lin and his wife’s dedication to selfless service and appreciation of Makerere’s academic and business prospects. Dr. Lin and his wife Mei already hold several business interests in Kampala’s leisure and hospitality sector.

Article by Public Relations Office

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