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Mak-Freshers advised to develop a lifelong passion for learning

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  • 22 Aug 2017 - 10:46am
  • By Elias Tuhereze
  • 9,898
Mr Alfred Masikye Namoah, Academic Registrar- Makerere University  speaking at the orientation ceremony on 18th August 2017.

Makerere University Academic Registrar Mr. Namoah Masikye has urged students to immensely engage in the university academic activities and develop life-long passion for learning in order to succeed in academics. This was during the Makerere University new Students’ Orientation that was held on Friday 18th August 2017 in Makerere University Freedom Square.

According to the Academic Registrar, developing a culture of studying, consultation as well as engaging in the academic activities of the university will not only enable the students achieve their academic goals but also provide a platform to attain good grades.Freshers listen attentively in one of the tents at the orientation held in Freedom Square

He warmly welcomed the students at Makerere University and encouraged them to maintain a self-disciplined character while at campus. The Academic Registrar mentioned the university commitment to help students create a positive university experience and he assured students of quality academic service deliverance with international standards.

“We are proud you chose to pursue your university education with us, and we are excited to help nurture your academic strengths, encourage your personal growth, and inspire your creativity. As students you are the cornerstone of our campus community and our partners in advancing Makerere University‘s stature as a preeminent world-class research driven university,” he remarked.

He encouraged students to always keep an open mind to the unique gifts, interests and needs of those with whom they interact with. According to him, such relationships build a stronger sense of community coupled with the richness that comes from learning in a diverse environment.

He urged students to always tap into the different opportunities offered by the institution when he said, “Makerere University provides a unique opportunity for you to develop a lifelong passion for learning. We hope you will contribute your time and talent by being involved in sports activities, community services, cultural and religious activities, and many other important activities.”

At the beginning of each academic year, Makerere University organizes a New Students Orientation Meeting which presents an opportunity to the University Administration to interact with new students. According to the Head Undergraduate Admissions Mr. Charles Ssentongo, during the orientation meeting students are given a comprehensive package that appeals to their academic and social wellbeing. The Management and staff interact with students in order to provide relevant information and knowledge crucial to students’ stay at the University.Guild Leadership led by H.E Paul Kato(holding a microphone) address the audience.

“The orientation also provides you with a chance to meet other incoming students. Helps you to meet new people, and to make new friends,” he said.

Leading the opening prayer Mr. Mubiru John-a student from the College of Education and External Studies dedicated the Orientation meeting for students of academic Year 2017/2018 to the Almighty God, prayed for wisdom and academic excellence during their stay at the University.

Representing the Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe, the Deputy Dean of Students Mr. Stephen Kateega encouraged freshers to read, understand and strictly follow the rules and regulations governing the University.“We have rules and regulations you must observe. These regulations apply to all students of Makerere University,” he vividly said. He encouraged students to read the Makerere University Anti Sexual Harassment Policy. In addition the Deputy Dean of Students also encouraged students to register so that they can fully be recognized as Makerere University students.A student leader rally freshers for the forthcoming Mak Run 2018 slated for February 2018.

Emphasizing the need to register, the Director, Makerere University Hospital, Dr. Margret Wandera called upon the new students to register with Hospital in order to access health services. “Our responsibility is to see that students stay healthy while at the University. I therefore encourage you to report to the University Hospital for medical services,” said Dr. Wandera.

In the same spirit Dr. Ruth Nalumaga from Makerere University Library who represented Dr. Helen Byamugisha-the University Librarian called upon students to register with the Makerere University Library and the college Libraries.[L-R] Deputy Dean of Students Mr. Stephen Kateega, SP Jackson Mucunguzi - Chief Security Officer Makerere University and Dr. Ruth Nalumaga from Makerere University Library

Representing the Makerere University Bursar Mr. Augustine Tamale, the Manager Grants and Revenue Mrs. Jackie Keirungi Ayorekire sensitized students on the importance of timely payment of University dues, proper record keeping and advised them to keep all receipts for every payment they make at the university. She warned students on forgery, impersonation and falsification documents and said, “The University emphasizes zero tolerance to forgery and it is considered as a criminal matter.”

The Manager-Counselling and Guidance Centre, Makerere University, Mr. Henry Nsubuga encouraged students to fully utilize the counselling and guidance services provided at the centre to free their mind of any problems that will deter them from achieving their academic goals and objectives.

In the same spirit the Dr. Barbra Streets- a Fulbright Scholar attached to Makerere University Counseling and Guidance Centre reminded students of the importance of utilizing the counseling and guidance services saying that, “Counseling and Guidance provides a supportive environment towards career development, it helps in building ones emotion and improving relationships. Counseling and guidance also helps you renew, restore and revive who you already are,” she said.

Makerere University Senior Public Relations Officer, Ms. Ritah Namisango encouraged students to take a holistic approach to life. Speaking to the freshers in the Makerere University Freedom Square, the Senior Public Relations Officer encouraged students to balance academics with other aspects of life throughout the course of their stay.[L-R]  Manager Grants and Revenue Mrs. Jackie Keirungi Ayorekire, Ms Gloria Nakyeyune- Fund Administrator Mak Endowment Fund and Makerere University Senior Public Relations Officer, Ms. Ritah Namisango

“Learn to manage your time so that you are able to participate in University activities targeting students, the various sports disciplines, and community outreach activities. Furthermore, I encourage you to join students’ leadership at the School/college and Guild levels. I also appeal to you to continually harness the potential of the various networking opportunities that are freely available in the multidisciplinary multicultural Makerere Community.

On matters of security, the Chief Security Officer Makerere University , SP Jackson Mucunguzi warned freshers on conmen. Mucunguzi who has been at Makerere since 2005 cautioned female students who are likely to be lured into sexual activities over campus excitement.

Afande Mucunguzi advised students to report criminal cases and cooperate with the police officers in case of any information required. “Avoid fortune tellers and money lenders. Avoid keeping large sums of money and housing strangers in your places of residence. Report criminal cases to police officers and in case of any information required of you, be responsive,” he said.

On behalf of the 83rd Makerere University Guild, H.E Kato Paul- the Guild President welcomed the new students to the great and legendary Makerere University. He urged students to take their academic studies seriously and encouraged them to fully participate in the Guild activities. The Guild President also advised the students to always contact the Guild Office for guidance on different aspects including life at campus.

Author: Esther Joyce Nakibombo-Intern MakPublic Relations Office

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