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One Thousand Students to Benefit from the Mak- Mastercard Partnership



Makerere University has signed US$20,989,965.15 contract with MasterCard Foundation to sponsor 1000 students who are academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to study at Makerere University from 2013 to 2023. The contract, signed by Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba- Ssentamu and Peggy Woo Chief Financial Officer, MasterCard Foundation, was officially exchanged on 1st September 2015 at a ceremony in Senate building, Makerere University.

According to Dr. Florence Nakayiwa, the Coordinator of Makerere UniversityMasterCard Foundation Program, this project will help in developing the next generation of African Leaders and also promote the strategic objectives of Makerere University and MasterCard Foundation in contributing to Africa's higher education sector and development.Ms Ivy Mwai from MasterCard Foundation and Mr Namoah Masikye, the Makerere University Academic Registrar display copies of the signed contract documents.

“The project is also aligned to the visions and missions of the two organisations categorised under academics with the aim of transforming African leaders to address societal needs, “she said.

MasterCard foundation is a global, independent foundation which advances youth learning and promotes inclusion so as to catalyse prosperity in developing countries. The foundation is committed to its vision of educating young people who are dedicated to the betterment of their communities.

In an earlier meeting with the Vice Chancellor, delegates from MasterCard Foundation Ms. Ivy Mwai and Ms. Grace Hui discussed the terms of the contract upon which the project will be implemented. The team highlighted that the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University is a six cohort scholars program with the first cohort of 50 Scholars recruited for the 2014/2015 academic year. The program is offering comprehensive student support, that include;

  • Tuition and Functional fees
  • Accommodation, Feeding and stipend 
  • Laptop, books and other learning materials,
  • Transport to and from home
  • Medical insurance
  • Psychosocial support and mentoring of scholars
  • Capacity building program for life skills development in ICT, Leadership, Gender, Human Rights, Communication, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.

Ms Mwai (Standing) responding to questions from the scholars at Conference Room in Sentae Building.Ms. Ivy Mwai- MasterCard Foundation representative based in Kenya acknowledged Makerere University’s legacy in academic excellence and leadership training skills which have mentored several academicians and leaders. Ms Mwai said that Makerere’s historical relationship with Kenya will never be undermined due to the fact that the institution mentored the country’s prominent Presidents who have led to  tremendous change in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

“We are therefore happy to have Makerere University on board. We believe that with you and your historical legacy we shall build a well informed and skilfully capable Africa,” she said.

Speaking to the Vice Chancellor, Ms. Grace Hui unveiled the Global Network of Education Institutions and non-profit organisations, a new program to MasterCard Foundation.  Ms. Hui said that the growing network will document and share best practices to identify, educate and mentor students and transition them into work force.

“Partners in Global Network of Education Institutions and non-profit organisations are selected for their shared values, academic excellence, nurturing environments, and programs relevant to developing countries. I therefore encourage Makerere University to actively participate in this network so as to gain more recognition from the partner sponsors,” she stated.

The team also interacted with over 80 students sponsored under the MasterCard Foundation  program. The students their life and academic experiences, engaged  in discussions and debates. The Scholars  thanked MasterCard Foundation for investing in their education, an opportunity  that will enable them to positively change the world.Ms Robinah Ayikoru a student of Bachelor of Commerce shared her life story.

 “If it was not for MasterCard scholarship program, I wouldn’t have been here. Since my childhood I have always wanted to study and reach Makerere University. However my dream had been washed away after the death of my mother when I was only 9 years. I was left in the hands of my grandfather who also died when I had just joined O-level. At this point I lost all the hope of continuing with my studies. However, my hope was raised by MasterCard when they funded my O and A level education and I am glad that I managed to score highly in my A-level results and the program enrolled me to Makerere University. I sincerely thank MasterCard Foundation for the support and care you have offered to us because from here I can now achieve my dream of being an engineer,” said Robinah Anyikuru, second-year student of Bachelors of Commerce.

During this meeting Ms. Mwai encouraged students to focus on their academics in order  to achieve their goals. She explained that the students’ achievements will determine the success of the project’s main objectives.

“So success is to all of us.  If you succeed, the project succeeds and the same to MasterCard. It excites me to meet the people we are doing this project for therefore we want to see you engaged. You are pursuing those degrees to be happy in future and it is all about you and how you maximise your opportunity. Together we can make the world we want to see,” she said.Some of the MasterCard Scholars pose for a photo with official from MasterCard Foundation and Makerere University.

Ms. Ivy Mwai encouraged the youth to work hard and develop Africa.

“Africa is rising. It is rising because of the young people. I am happy to see that Makerere University management is here. It is a testimony that you will confidently promote the MasterCard Foundation scholarship program," she said.

In a speech read by the Makerere University Academic Registrar Alfred Namoah Masikye, the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu argued the beneficiaries not to take this opportunity for granted but rather work hard and excel in order to transform their lives.

“You are being nurtured to be the leaders of tomorrow who will have the skills and ability to transform the society. Your actions and behaviours will matter a lot in the course of your education and transitions," the Vice Chancellor remarked.The Dean, School of Women and Gender Studies and Member of Steering Committee, Dr. Josephine Ahikire

The function climaxed with a dinner organised at the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge. At the dinner, Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu presented a plaque to the MasterCard Foundation received by Ms. Ivy Mwai, in recognition of the institution’s great contribution to developing the next generation of African leaders by sponsoring bright but economically disadvantaged youth access quality higher education at Makerere University.

Giving a vote of thanks, the Dean, School of Women and Gender Studies and Member of the MCF Steering Committee, Dr. Josephine Ahikire in her vote of thanks said that the Steering Committee chaired by Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) is committed to the success of the MasterCard Scholarship Program at Makerere University.

Dr. Ahikire added that the project presents Makerere University with an opportunity to produce role models for society and students who have been nurtured and given proper guidance.


Article: Mak Public Relations Office



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Engineering, Art & Tech

Innovations using low cost locally available materials for point of use water treatment system unveiled



The College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) conducted a Research Dissemination of two studies aimed at the Development of Materials for point of use water treatment systems.

The investigations were conducted by a team of researchers comprised of P. W. Olupot, H. M. Kalibbala, E. Menya, G.M. Wangi, J. Jjagwe, J. Wakatuntu, M. Turyasingura, R. Walozi, C. Kanyesigye and R. N. Kulabako.

The dissemination event held on Wednesday 29th November 2023 follows the successful completion of two MakRIF supported Research projects namely; Development of rice husk based granular activated carbon for point-of-use water treatment systems and Development of zeolite-based nanocomposite filters for drinking water treatment.

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Engineering, Art & Tech

Apac District gains from CEDAT’s Research on Piloting a Rural Broadband Connectivity Model and Efficacious patient management system



The School of Engineering at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) shared findings of research that was conducted in Apac Districts through two projects namely Piloting a Rural Broadband Connectivity Model (RCBM) and Efficacious patient management system (EPMS).

The findings of the research sponsored by the Government of Uganda through the Makerere University research and Innovation Fund(MakRIF) were disseminated during a dissemination seminar held in the College on Friday 24th November 2023, where it was revealed that  Apac the host District greatly benefited from the services that not only led to the increased uptake of internet services but also gained through other socio economic areas.

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Application Forms for Admission to Public Universities 2024/2025



Senate Building

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University informs all Head Teachers of A ‘Level schools that application forms for admission to public universities for senior six candidates (UACE 2023) for the 2024/2025 academic year will be ready for collection from the university from Monday 4th December, 2023.

The application forms should be collected from the Office of the Academic Registrar, Senate Building, Level 3, Makerere University.

Issuing of the application forms will start on Monday, 4th December 2023 on payment of a non-refundable application fee of Uganda Shs. 52,000/=(fifty two thousand Uganda shillings only) per application form.

You are advised to get a pay reference number (PRN) using the ACMIS system ( to enable you pay the application fees in any bank used by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

The forms are for Ugandans only.

Please note that only Head Teachers or their authorized representatives will be served.

The closing date for submitting the completed application forms will be Wednesday 31st January, 2024.

Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi

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