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Mak Automated Vehicle Control System Project kicks off

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  • 28 Apr 2014 - 6:10pm
  • By Mark Wamai
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Automated Vehicle Control System Project by Kenya Airport Parking Services (KAPS) for Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

Makerere University has contracted Kenya Airport Parking Services (KAPS) Limited to run commercial parking services at the Main Campus. KAPS is to introduce a 24-hour automated vehicle management system that will involve installation of CCTV cameras at all main entrances to Makerere University, and erecting of ticketing machines to bill external vehicles users who access the University. Installation works will start in mid May and allow for a testing period before the system becomes fully operational on 1st July 2014.

According to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, “The procurement of these services was a Management decision to control traffic flow within the university and also generate income. Makerere University is currently used as a shortcut by many vehicles, and this increases the wear and tear on our roads.” Records show that 58% of the traffic entering and exiting the university has no business to conduct at the main campus.


How the system works and Provisions for Staff/Students

The vehicle control system will use cards and tickets. Staff members and students of Makerere University will be exempted from paying parking fees for a yet- to- be determined grace period. Special access cards will be issued for this purpose. Each member of staff will be required to register a maximum of two vehicles and will be given two cards. These cards are not transferable. The registration exercise will be conducted by the Estates and Works Department (EWD) at College level and at other central locations, in a scheduling to be shared out soon. The Estates Department will work in liaison with the Academic Registrar’s Department and the Office of the Dean of Students in verifying students who need cards.

A booth will be installed at each entrance and manned by KAPS officials. “We will use wireless network for the different gates to communicate to each other and coordinate the movement of vehicles. We will also provide monthly/seasonal cards to those who prefer to pay for longer periods,” explained Kuria Njenga, the KAPS Project Manager.

“Members of staff should expect minimum inconvenience as the installation of the equipment is ongoing at the three university gates. We are optimistic that they will appreciate the need for this system after familiarizing with it,” asserted the Estates and Works Director, Fred Nuwagaba.


Automated Vehicle Control System as installed by KAPS LtdExternal vehicles will pay an hourly charge depending on the vehicle type. Salon vehicles will pay 500/=, Pickups and 4-wheel drives will pay 700/=, Coasters and small trucks 1,000/=. Lorries and Buses will pay a higher fee of 1,500/=.  Vehicles that park for more than 5 hours will be charged 1,000/= per extra hour.

The projected income from this venture is currently estimated at 50m shillings annually, which will form part of the internally generated funds.

External users will be issued a ticket reflecting the time they have accessed Makerere University. They will present the same ticket on exit and pay the charge to a KAPS official at the desired exit point, before the barriers are removed to allow them pass. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles will be granted free access.

Loss of a card/ticket

In case a card is lost, Members of Staff will have to first report to the Makerere University Police Station and also pay 15,000/= for replacement. Members of Staff will be expected to carry the access cards with them as opposed to leaving them in the car.

External users who will have lost/misplaced their tickets will equally be required to first report to the Police Station before they can be allowed to pay 3,000/= before retrieving their vehicles.

This, according to the Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Finance and Administration, Dr. Barnabas Nawangwe, will help curb the rampant car thefts since vehicle owners will be required to show their cards before they can be allowed to exit the university. “We have gone through a lengthy procurement process and finally we have signed a contract with an international firm to manage parking at our University. This is something the university community has been yearning for over some time. I call upon the University community to support and own this project,” he said. There will be periodic review of the system to address emerging gaps.

According to Johnson Mucunguzi, Chief Security Officer/OC Makerere University Police Station, “About 20 cars have been stolen from Makerere University over the last 6 months. Although we eventually recover them, we are glad that this system is here now to supplement our efforts.”


The university policy prohibiting motorcycles from accessing the Main campus still stands. Members of staff/students who come in with motorcycles will be required to register with the Estates Department too, to get special access cards for this purpose.

About KAPS
KAPS installed the Entebbe Airport system and also supplied the Multiplex Parking equipment. They have also installed the parking system at the newly opened Acacia Mall in Kamokya.

Article by Marion Alina, Public Relations Office

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