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Prof. Ali Mazrui launches Makerere Project

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  • 12 Aug 2009 - 3:41pm
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
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“May God Bless this Project and those who will sail through it in the future” These were the inspirational words Professor Ali.A. Mazrui used as he unveiled the foundation stone laid for the Makerere-Mazruiana Project that will help generate considerable resources to benefit the academia, boost research, business and technology innovations.

Prof. Ali A. MazruiProfessor Ali A. Mazrui was appointed lecturer at Makerere in 1963 and he became the first African Professor in Arts and Sciences in East Africa in 1965, he has over 22 publications, has written many pamphlets and booklets, monographs, has authored 33 books, attended various radio and T.V interviews and holds many awards and grants. However, Professor Ali. Mazrui still honors Makerere for granting him professorship that helped him shape his career. He paid his attribute to Makerere University Kampala’s main hall, which was a place where he learnt about speaking publicly on very important issues of the day.

The outgoing Vice Chancellor, Professor Livingstone Luboobi described the occasion as a great step forward for the academia, private and public sectors, which will participate hand in hand in the activities and mobilization of funds to support the project. Many alumni, friends and well-wishers of Makerere University Kampala turned up to see and listen to one of the top 100 intellectuals in the world, former lecturer and professor of Makerere University Kampala Ali.A. Mazrui speak. As many described him an intellectual, acting vice Chancellor Lillian Tibatemwa remembers him as a symbol and fountain of new ideas that used to draw crowds to public lectures, a fact that was confirmed by Uganda’s own Education Minister Hon. Namirembe Bitamazire, who admitted to sometimes missing her supper in order to be in time to attend Mazrui’s public lectures.

Prof. Nsibambi, Prime Minister Uganda and Prof. Ali A. Mazrui

In his remarks, Professor Apollo Nsibambi, Uganda’s Prime Minister described Makerere University as an intellectual cradle for Ali.A. Mazrui. An African “throne” was presented to Professor Mazrui as a symbolic gesture of the Chair and Scholarship Endowment award bestowed upon him by the Chancellor of Makerere University Kampala, Professor Mondo Kagonyera.


Consisting of the Mazrui Chair and Scholarship Endowment and the Mazrui Center for Global studies the project is estimated to cost a sum of US$ 15 million, which is going to be mobilized by the alumni and friends of Makerere. Professor Mazrui proposed names of past and present African Presidents and statesmen totaling to 12 in number who will become patrons in support of the project. He also urged Makerere to catch up with the alumni to mobilize funds which he described as a major source of income.

Prof. Mulwana & Al-Hajji Habib KagimuProfessor James Mulwana, Chairman, Private Sector pledged to garner support for Makerere both at home and abroad, “There are people out there who haven’t been approached about Makerere”, he said. On his part Al-Hajji Habib Kagimu pledged to give UShs50 million following his quote of a French saying “I may not agree with your opinion but I am willing to lay down my life to make sure that you express that opinion”. Makerere University Private Sector Forum on its part pledged to link up with Professor Mazrui’s networks especially foundations and development partners.

Through this project Makerere is expected to improve in its webometrics ranking since the project will provide role models to inspire and mentor current and future Makerere University. The Mazrui Chair and Scholarship award is expected to benefit students especially those pursuing postgraduate degrees. The Chancellor, Professor Kagonyera described postgraduate students as a high investment to the country, where they offer free labor and advice as they carry out research in fulfillment of their graduation requirements.

Prof. Kagonyera reads citation of Prof. Ali Mazrui

The project will strengthen partnership between the private and public sector and a Hall of Fame will be formed in the Centre for Global Studies which will be dedicated to all supporters and contributors of the Makerere-Mazruiana Project.

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