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Mak Assistant Lecturers advised on the need to support students

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  • 9 Nov 2018 - 4:18pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
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A paticipant stressing her points in one of the interactive sessions. The three-day Training that started on 31st October and ended on 2nd November 2018

Makerere University Assistant lecturers have been advised to support students’ academic activities and ensure that students successfully meet the desired academic progress. This was during the 6th Pedagogical Skills Training held on 2nd November 2018 in the Quality Assurance Tele-Presence Center, Senate Building.

The three-day Training that started on 31st October and ended on 2nd November 2018 is part of the ongoing training that is organized by the Directorate of Human Resources to equip Makerere University Assistant Lecturers with skills and techniques that will enhance their teaching ability and improve the quality of teaching at Makerere University.

The 6th Pedagogical Skills Training was attended by 35 Assistant lecturers from the College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES).

In an interactive session on students’ support, Dr. Stella Amero urged Assistant Lecturers to always develop a mutual academic relationship with their students. According to her, the kind of relationship a teacher develops with students provides a better teaching/learning environment.

“It is good to understand the learners, appreciate them and their backgrounds. We should have a student’s-teacher relationship to improve on our teaching/learning environment.  The relationship you have with your student will definitely impact their lives. Teaching is like mothering, so don’t neglect your students,” said.

She however, encouraged lecturers to remain professional and ethical while interacting with students.

Reiterating the issue professionalism, Dr. David Onen, a Coordinator at the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development urged the Assistant Lecturers to adhere to job ethics and professional guidelines for better service delivery.

“Your relationship with students should be in line with your area of profession. Do not cross boundaries. Be ethical and have self-respect,” said Dr. Onen.

The 6th Pedagogical Training was officially closed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Ernest Okello Ogwang on 2nd November 2018. Dr. Okello Ogwang commended the program as a rich training with informative content to lecturers and teachers.

“I am sure you have leant many things in the past three days to help you in your work of teaching. You have been given an opportunity for self-evaluation which should help you enhance your skills when conducting lectures or practical sessions,” he said.

Representing the Director of Human Resources Mr. Andrew Abunyang, the Manger Staff, Development and Retirement Benefits Mrs. Dora Senoga Zake, appreciated the facilitators for building a strong practical foundation for lecturers and teachers.  She applauded the organizers for the successful workshop.

“To participants thank you for accepting to attend this workshop. We sincerely hope that it has been worthwhile for you and will have a positive impact in your work,” he stated.

On behalf of participants, Mrs. Amanda Ngabirano, an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Physical Planning, CEDAT, thanked Makerere University Management and the Directorate of Human Resources for helping Assistant lecturers realize the need to review their teaching skills. In a special way she appreciated the facilitators for the educational, knowledgeable, and extraordinary training sessions.

“We are blessed to be facilitated by the best people. The training was so educative and has enabled us to recognize our call as teachers; equipped us with the capacity to take our students through their academic journey in a manner that will help them succeed in their careers. We are very positive that with this training, we shall take the University at greater heights.  And, we pledge to take forward the knowledge gained to improve our career and ensure quality education at Institutions of Higher Learning,” she said.

The Dean of the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development Dr. Ronald Bisaso urged participants to take the Pedagogical Skills Training seriously and encouraged them to put into practice what they would have learnt during the three days training.

Some of the topics that were discussed during the three days training include;

  • Higher education (its environment and dynamics)
  • Learning theories, style and changing philosophy of learning
  • Curriculum design and development, modes and practices
  • Learning goals and learning outcomes
  • Pedagogical Design
  • Technology for improved training and learning
  • Student support

Article by Kanyi Rachael-Volunteer; Mak Public Relations Office


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