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Makerere University Go Green Week 2018

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  • 5 Mar 2018 - 5:19pm
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
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Director of Estates and Works Department (EWD) Eng. Christina Kakeeto (C) together with some students parading some of the messages on sustainable energy efficiency practices during the campaing launch, 27th February 2018, Senior Common Room, Main Building, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

On Monday 27th February to Saturday 3rd March 2018, the SustainabilityProgram-Makerere University in collaboration with the Students Sustainability Action group (SSAG) joined other students around the world to Implement its second annual Go Green Week under this year’s theme “Save Energy and Protect our Planet.”

The Sustainability Program coordinated by the Planning and Development Department led by Dr Florence Nakayiwa, launched the Go Green Week last year as part of its annual projects/events with support from its partners Bangor University Sustainability Lab and Bangor University Students Union(UNDEB), who have been part of the Go Green Week UK for many years. Coordinated by People and Planet in the UK and Ireland, the Go Green Week Initiative is aimed at raising awareness and demand stronger actions to tackle climate crisis.

Placards displaying some of the student pledges

The aim of this year’s theme,“Save Energy and Protect our Planet” was to create awareness about sustainable energy efficiency practices within the University and encourage behavioural change towards energy use and management. The activities of the Go Green Week and this year’s theme were working towards addressing Sustainable Development Goal 7 which states, “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”

Coordinated by the Sustainability Program Coordinator Ms Pamela N Matovu, students took the lead to implement activities throughout the week that promoted sustainable energy efficiency practices as an action towards combating climate change. The activities were focused on 2 major aspects; Energy efficiency awareness and behavioural change towards energy use, and a campaign to use energy efficiency equipment in Makerere University.  The awareness campaign was enhanced by the World-Wide Fund Uganda who actively participated and provided energy efficiency and environment advise to students during the think tank session.

Throughout the week, the following activities were implemented;

Day 1 was the Official Opening of Mak Go Green Week;“Save Energy and Protect our Planet”

This was officiated by the Eng. Christine Kakeeto, Director of Estates & Works Department and in attendance was the Mr. Emmanuel Aupal, Partnership and Fundraising Manager of World Wide Fund Uganda (WWF) and Ms. Flavia Ajambo, Public Relations, CREEC.  This also involved students placing stickers with energy efficiency and behavioural change messages in various places within the University. Students also made pledges on what they will commit on doing within the University and community.

Students placing stickers with energy efficiency messages in the strategic locations within the University

Day 2: Social Media Campaign
Students shared their views about energy efficiency on social media using the #GoGreenMak, #Carnifal (a Go Green event at Bangor University) and further shared their views on the Students for Sustainability at Makerere University Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/studentsforsustainabilitymak/

The views shared on social media attracted 3220views around the world and inspired discussion about energy efficiency by students and other people that engaged with the event online.

Some of the stickers with energy efficiency messages placed below a light switch

Day 3: Think Tank session
84 Students from the different disciplines, staff and a team from World Wide Fund- Uganda participated in the first Think Tank Session, which was aimed at bringing students together with staff and other stakeholders to discuss issues about how energy inefficiency affects the environment and wastes money, and then discuss practical solutions to improve energy efficiency within the University and within their communities. The Think Tank Session was led by Ms. Pamela N Matovu, the Coordinator of the Sustainability Program, and chaired by Ms. Rachael Nuwagaba Kapasi, Lecturer at School of Psychology.  The presentation was developed by Aaron Acuda the leader of the Students Sustainability Action Group (SSAG) a student of Environmental Sciences and presented by Julian Bulyaba a student of Psychology and Osito Jacob a student of Environmental Sciences. The presentation focused on the cost of energy to the University and how poor energy use behaviours affect the environment and waste money that would otherwise to be used to meet other needs.

Students presenting during the Think Tank Session

The presentations revealed how energy is managed in various buildings in the University and the cost of energy to the University per month was revealed which was a shock to everyone. These facts inspired a discussion to find practical solutions to improve energy efficiency within the University and in turn in their homes and communities. A team from the World-Wide Fund-Uganda provided more awareness about the issues of energy and environment and shared information about protecting the environment through energy efficient management and use of clean energy.

Students presenting during the Think Tank Session

Days 4 and 5: Switch Off Campaign
Students participated in the SWITCH OFF CAMPAIGN by switching off any unused energy consumption equipment i.e. lights, computers, phones, TVs, kettles, radios among others.

Day 6: Briquette Training:
Students were trained in making briquettes with the aim of equipping them with hands on skills that can enable them start up their businesses or help them understand more about how they can deal with their organic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. This was organized by Makerere University Waste Research Association in partnership with Department of Environmental Management Students Association.

An official from the Makerere University Waste Research Association demonstrates the briquette making process

As a result of the Go Green Week, the Sustainability Program is going to work with students and relevant staff to review or study existing energy audits and explore more ways of complimenting it to ensure that there is sustainable efficiency and management within the university; and engage in awareness and behavioural change activities or campaigns targeting students and staff to promote efficient use and management of energy in the University.

A Makerere University Waste Research Association official explains to students the merits of briquette making

Partners of the Go Green Week
The Go Green Week at Makerere was organized by the Sustainability Program- coordinated by the Planning and Development Department, in collaboration with the Estates & Works Department, Students Sustainability Action Group, Students Guild-83rd Guild, Ministry of Estates & Environment; and supported by Sustainability Lab- Bangor University, UNDEB- Student Union Bangor and World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Uganda.

Officials from WWF Uganda interact with students during the Think Tank session held on Day3 of the Go Green Week 2018

Authored By: Pamela N Matovu, Coordinator- Sustainability Program, Makerere University.

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