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84th Guild Swears In, Pledges Leadership Based on Consultation



Students, staff, family friends and well-wishers convened in the Main Hall to witness their one and only Papa Were Salim being sworn in as the 84thGuild President of Makerere University for the Academic year 2018/2019. The President-elect was sworn in together with his Cabinet and GRCs on 22nd March 2018.

The colourful ceremony was overseen by the outgoing Guild Speaker Ms. Wagaba Brenda and was attended by the Acting Vice Chancellor-Dr. Eria Hisali, Dean of Students-Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe, Deputy Dean of Students-Mr. Stephen Kateega, Chairperson of Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA)-Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi, Chaplains and the Imam, Staff and an enthusiastic audience of students. Present also were members of the 83rd Guild Cabinet led by outgoing President H.E Kato Paul.

Some of the members of the 84th Guild Cabinet posing for a photo with the Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Eria Hisali and the Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe.

Ms. Brenda Wagaba congratulated the new Cabinet upon their successful election and urged them to never forget their ethics as leaders. In the same spirit she commended the outgoing Guild Cabinet for the achievements attained during their term of office. She encouraged the new Cabinet to observe and respect the Makerere University Guild Constitution during their leadership tenure.

The outgoing Guild President H.E Kato Paul congratulated H.E Papa Were Salim upon being elected the Guild President of Makerere University for the year 2018/2019. He also congratulated the 84th Cabinetand GRCs upon assuming their respectiveoffices.
H.E Kato thanked the Makerere Community for cooperating with his cabinet during his tenure. He also thanked the University Management for the support extended to the Guild ever since they assumed leadership, by ensuring that students’ issues are taken as priority during the decision-making processes.

The outgoing Guild President H.E Kato Paul Handing over office to the Incoming Guild President H.E Papa Were Salim.

Talking about his leadership journey, Kato was happy to note the tremendous improvement in the Management-Students relationship that has led to more benefits on the side of the latter.  He described his tenure as one of the most peaceful, with few strikes and more roundtable talks and negotiations.

In the same spirit Kato appreciated the work of Wardens and Religious Leaders in nurturing students both spiritually and morally.In a special way, he thanked the Dean of Students and his team for the wonderful supervision.
He also thanked his Cabinet for the endurance and hard work exhibited during their tenure. “It has not been the powerful Vice Chancellor or leader who does not support violence; it is because we had responsible leaders who worked tirelessly to ensure that theimage of Makerere out there changes positively. We are grateful for all that transpired, for all that we have achieved and that we have left unfinished,” he said.

The newly appointed Vice Guild H.E Kokoi Phiona interacting with Dr. Eria Hisali and the Dean of Students.

Kato advised the Incoming Guild President to remain himself and always seek guidance before he takes action. “First inquire, dialogue, and never neglect students because there are many out there who are so smart and intelligent. Interact with them and seek guidance,” he said.

The Incoming Guild President H.E Were Salim thanked the students’ fraternity for putting their trust in him by electing him Guild President. He appreciated the students’ love and care as demonstrated during the campaign and promised to put their issues at the forefront during his tenure.

“Great power comes with great responsibility. This is my new role, I promise to deliver. I come as a humble servant who is ready to discuss problems and find solutions. I am optimistic that with my team, we are going to doour best,” he said.

H.E Papa Were congratulated all the Ministers and GRCs upon their new positions but warned his Cabinet against laziness and tasked them to deliver.He promised a reign of hard work and impact on both the students and the administration.

The Prime Minister of the 84th GuilD Mr. Ntamwesigwa Ian swearing in.

“We should know that this is not a ceremonial role, Ministers who think that it is just a matter of occupying a position, remember that I appoint and disappoint. The GRCs and other student leaders who are thinking of becoming a small stone in our shoes, we shall remove the shoes and buy new ones. Time for politicking is over, it is now time to serve our students,” he resolutely said.

“To the administration, you should hold students interests as a priority. We shall seek dialogue, but where dialogue fails we shall not waste time. Action will prevail,” he added.

He thanked his parents for grooming him as a God-fearing person, an aspect that has made him stand as a man of valour. In the same spirit he thanked his campaign team for emerging the best team that brought the Guild President to power. He appreciated the work of the Electoral Commission and his supporters and pledged a leadership based on consultation.

The Acting Vice Chancellor who is also the Principal of College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS)-Dr. Eria Hisali congratulated H.E Papa Were Salim and His Cabinet upon their election and also thanked the outgoing Cabinet for the tremendous work they have done.He appealed to the new leadership to work collectively with the Management through dialogue.

Some of the GRCs who swore in.

“Makerere University Management operates on an open door policy and it welcomes ideas and interactions. As management we value students and that is why the university is coming up with programsthat are geared towards helping them,” said Dr. Hisali.

He encouraged the Guild leadership to focus on upholding the good reputation of the University by engaging students in activities such as sports, blood donations, and debates.

The Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe condemned violence that plays out during election campaigns and called for peace and cooperation between camps.The Chairperson Electoral Commission Mr. Kenneth Isaac Isabirye thanked students for their participation in the Electoral process and urged the new leadership to reinforce civic education among students to enable their active participation in leadership activities such as voting.

At the same function, the outgoing Cabinet also handed over to the incoming Cabinet.

Article by Nabatte Proscovia; Public Relations Office


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Re-advertisement: Undergraduate Programmes 2024/2025



A section of the University Road

The Academic Registrar, Makerere University invites applications from Ugandan, East African, and international applicants for the undergraduate programmes under Government Sponsorship (BVL) and private sponsorship scheme for the 2024/2025 Academic Year.

Each applicant should:

a) Have the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least five passes, or its equivalent and at least two principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting. For day programmes only candidates who sat A’ Level in 2023,2022 and 2020 are eligible to apply. For evening, afternoon, and external programmes, a candidate is not restricted on the year of sitting A’ Level.


d) Degree from a recognised/Chartered Institution

Further details on the re-advertised programmes , fees structure, and the procedure of submitting applications can be accessed from the document below:                                            

The closing date for receiving applications for undergraduate admissions is Friday 26th July 2024.                                                           


  1. Applicants are strongly warned against presenting forged or other people’s academic documents to support their applications for admission.  The consequences, if discovered, are very grave indeed.
  2. Do not buy any other documents not originating from the Academic Registrar’s Office.  Those who buy them do so at their own risk. 
  3. The Academic Registrar has not appointed any agent to act on his behalf to solicit for additional funds other than the application fee stated above.    
  4. Applicants are advised to use the right programme names and codes. The university will not be responsible for any wrong information entered in the system by applicants.     

Prof. Mukadasi Buyinza

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Freshers’ Orientation and Registration For 2024/2025 Academic Year



To All First Year Students;
First Year students (Freshers) are by tradition given an “acclimatization” period of one week
which is referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus one week
earlier than the Continuing students and during this week they are introduced to the key facilities in the University as well as other important aspects of life at the University.

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Admission Lists -Disability, Sports and District Quota Schemes 2024/25



Students move towards Main Building on University Road

The Office of Academic Registrar, Makerere University has released the admission list of candidates admitted under the Disability, Sports and District Quota Schemes with Government sponsorship 2024/25 Academic Year.

Kindly follow the links below to access the lists:-

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