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State of African Resilience Report 2017

  • In General
  • 6 Feb 2018 - 5:39pm
  • By Mark Wamai
  • 476
State of African Resilience Report 2017 Image:RAN

The goal of the ResilientAfrica Network (RAN), Makerere University is to significantly contribute to strengthening the resilience of targeted communities in sub-Saharan Africa to priority shocks and stresses through developing, nurturing and scaling innovative technologies and approaches to respond to these community challenges. Given the above goal, in 2014, amidst other efforts, RAN developed and published the First State of African Resilience Report which describes the creation of a pan-African network of four Resilience Innovation Labs (RILabs) in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, and the Horn of Africa; a contextual analysis of resilience factors based on extensive literature reviews; a selection of targeted resilience themes and communities; and the development of contextual resilience frameworks based on qualitative data collection.

In 2017, RAN further developed and published the second State of African Resilience Report which discusses the development of resilience pathways based on further quantitative data analysis, as well as, the development of innovations informed by this analysis to strengthen community resilience. This report first discusses RAN’s methodological approach, which is organized around the RAN conceptual resilience framework; this is followed by a discussion of the findings from the four RILabs which present the resilience pathways as well as innovations.

Please click the link below to access the 2017 Report

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