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Press Release: RUFORUM Network Universities Improve in Ranking among Top 100 Ranked African Universities in 2017-2018

Africa Ranking Web of Universities Image:RUFORUM

Each year, Webmometrics, the largest web academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions, does the global ranking twice, based on criteria such as the number of Citations, presence, visibility and Excellence. University ranking continues to remain the common means of informing the public about the relevance and value for investment in Education. In a bid to internationalise the programs in its member universities, while remaining locally relevant, RUFORUM has facilitated the implementation of innovative approaches to learning and research such as community engagement, community- based research and e-learning. The 2018 January Edition of university ranking has 29 RUFORUM member Universities, up from 20 in the January 2017 edition, ranked among top 100 African Universities according to the recently released 2018 Webometric World Universities Rankings.

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