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‘Say No to sexual harassment’, Mak Administrators advise freshers

  • In General
  • 7 Aug 2018 - 3:13pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
  • 506,347
Makerere University Academic Registrar Mr. Alfred Namoah Masikye ddressing freshers.

The Acting Director of Makerere University Gender and Mainstreaming, Dr. Euzobia Mugisha Baine has urged the incoming students to openly defy the sexual harassment vice and stand strong for their academic rights. This was during the Makerere University Freshers’ Orientation Meeting held on 6th August 2018 to welcome the new students for the Academic year 2018/2019.

Speaking to thousands of freshers in the Makerere University Freedom Square, Dr. Mugisha Baine encouraged students to acquaint themselves with the Makerere University Policy and Regulations against Sexual Harassment.

The Director of Makerere University Gender and Mainstreaming, Dr. Euzobia Mugisha Baine addressing students.

“The Policy clearly defines sexual harassment and provides its various forms. It provides details on whom you should contact and where to go in case you are harassed. Please let someone know right away in case a person is engaging you in actions that you don’t feel comfortable with. The University appointed the Sexual Harassment Committee, some of the members are placed at the respective colleges, don’t hesitate to contact them,” she said.

Dr. Baine, encouraged the freshers to join the Students Anti-Sexual Harassment Body dubbed Team No Sexual Harassment at Makerere University that was put in place to fight against sexual harassment among students and staff.  

“This is a proactive platform where students actively engage in creating awareness, sensitizing fellow students on the Makerere University Policy and Regulations against Sexual Harassment as well as fighting against sexual harassment actions. we all have equal opportunities to be the best we can be, therefore we have the responsibility to implement the sexual harassment policy,” she explained.

The Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe  together with the Wardens.

At the beginning of each academic year, Makerere University organizes the Students Orientation Meeting which presents an opportunity to the University Administration to interact with new students. During the orientation meeting, students are given a comprehensive package that appeals to their academic and social wellbeing. The Management and staff interact with students in order to provide relevant information and knowledge crucial to students’ stay at the University.

During the Orientation Meeting, the Makerere University Academic Registrar Mr. Alfred Namoah Masikye, congratulated the freshers upon joining the Uganda’s oldest institution of Higher Learning. In a special way, he welcomed the international students to Makerere University, the epitome of knowledge and academic excellence in Africa.

“On behalf of Makerere University Community, it brings me great joy to welcome you to Makerere University. We are proud you chose to pursue your university education with us and we are excited to help you nurture your academic strength, encourage your personal growth and inspire your creativity. As students you are the cornerstone of our campus community and our partners in advancing Makerere University’s stature as a preeminent world class research driven university,” he said.

The Academic Registrar Mr. Alfred Namoah Masikye, The Deputy Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions and Records Mr. Charles Ssentongo together with some of the members of staff from Academic Registrar's office.

He urged students to immensely engage in the university academic activities and develop life-long passion for learning. According to the Academic Registrar, developing a culture of studying, consultation as well as engaging in the academic activities of the University will not only enable the students achieve their academic goals but also provide a platform to attain good grades.

“You have the best professors and lecturers please use them. At Makerere University, we commit ourselves to upholding the values we cherish as an academic institution, and to fostering an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive and welcoming to all. The diversity of our backgrounds, talents and perspectives will continue to enrich us all as we live and learn together,” he said.

The Deputy Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions and Records Mr. Charles Ssentongo, advised freshers to always make right decisions, manage their freedom, time and relations. He called upon students to always refer to the University rules and regulations for guidance.  Mr. Ssentongo also cautioned students against examination malpractices. He also alerted them on the rampant conmen and con-women around the University.

“Beware of conmen and con-women who use tricks in order to take valuables from you. Do not entrust any one with your tuition. Personally pay your tuition in the bank,” he said. 

The Principal Public Relations Officer Ms. Ritah Namisango, reading some of the tips from the Freshers Joining Instruction Booklet.

The Dean of Students Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe encouraged freshers to read, understand and strictly follow the rules and regulations governing the University. “We have rules and regulations you must observe. These regulations apply to all students of Makerere University,” he vividly said. In addition, the Dean also encouraged students to register so that they can fully be recognized as Makerere University students.

Reiterating the importance of registration, the Director, Makerere University Health Services, Dr. Josephat K. Byamugisha called upon the new students to register with the University Hospital in order to access medical services. He also advised students to take care of their health by proper exercising. 

The Makerere University Chief Security Officer, ACP Enock Abaine making his remarks.

Sharing the simple rule of life, the Manager-Counselling and Guidance Centre, Mr. Henry Nsubuga said, “to succeed in academics, you need to be physically and mentally healthy. You cannot settle down and read if something is disturbing you. Counselling will enable you get support and empowerment from other people.”

Representing Ms. Deborah Nalule-Makerere University Acting Bursar, Mr. Walter Odoch encouraged students to pay the University dues on time. He appealed to students to keep all the bank slips and receipts for every payment they make at the university and warned them students against betting tuition.

The Principal Public Relations Officer Ms. Ritah Namisango called upon students to attend the 3rd FISU World University Netball Championship that is scheduled to take place on 17th to 21 September 2018. “We call upon you to turn up in big numbers in September 2018, to cheer Team Uganda (The Mighty Cranes),” she remarked.

the Guild President H.E Papa Were Salim together with his cabinet team.

The Makerere University Chief Security Officer, ACP Enock Abaine encouraged students to maintain self-discipline and avoid committing crimes. He also tipped students on matters of security when he said, “be cautious and alert. Make use of wardens and police in case you sense danger.  Let us work together to create an environment that will support your stay at Makerere University.” 

Representing the University Librarian, Dr. Ruth Nalumaga advised students to register with the Makerere University Library and the College Libraries.

On behalf of the 84th Makerere University Guild, H.E Papa Were Salim- the Guild President welcomed the new students to the great and legendary Makerere University. He urged students to take their academic studies seriously and encouraged them to fully participate in the Guild activities. The Guild President also advised the students to always contact the Guild Office for guidance on different aspects including life at campus.

Article by Esther Joyce Nakibombo and Rachael Kanyi, Volunteers Mak Public Relations Office. 

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