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Prof. John B. Kaneene tips Mak Top Management on running a forward looking and efficient college within a land grant university system

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  • 5 Jul 2018 - 6:27pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
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Prof. John B. Kaneene presenting to Makerere University Top Management.

In a presentation to Makerere University Top Management on 5th July 2018, on Running a forward looking and efficient college within a land grant university system; a case example of Michigan State University, John B. Kaneene; a University distinguished Professor at the Centre of Comparative Epidemiology, Michigan State University said that there is need for colleges to improve both their administrative and teaching systems, resource for more funding and motivate staff. 

Some of the Top Managment Members During the Presentation.

According to Prof.  Kaneene, the critical ingredients of running a forward looking and efficient college with a land grant university system include:

  • Having a competency base administrative structure
  • Having realistic and dynamic strategic plans (short, medium or long term) aligned with the core values and strategic plans with the central university
  • Developing a diverse system of generating resources and sharing with the faculty who contributed to the generation of the resources
  • Availability of a  fair and open system for evaluation of faculty (academic staff)
  • Having a well-documented based reward system for annual raises
  • Having a mentoring system for junior faculty, non-academic staff and administrators

“To be efficient, colleges should enhance students experience, empower communities and enrich economic and family life. Another important focus is the need to expand your international reach, increase the colleges’ research opportunities and strengthen their stewardship,” he explained.  

He therefore encouraged the University and College Principals to utilise the various ways of generating funds and resources so that they can be able to maintain the status of their colleges.

“Colleges should utilize all the available ways of generating funds and resources. We can look at our developments, grants and contracts, gifts, endowments and services.  Good standing of a college is judged by prudent management of financial resources, extramural grants and contracts obtained, level of funding by the development office, students’ performance, papers published in referred journals with high impact factors, reputation of faculty, National and International raking,” he stated.

Article by: Mak Public Relations Office 

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