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The church’s role in reviving Sunday observance among the youth of Achilet Parish in light of Dies Domini

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The study has been carried out on the Church’s role in reviving Sunday observance among the youth of Achilet Parish. Right from the very beginning of the early Church, Sunday has always been revered at the heart of Christianity. Christians converged on Sunday, the day of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, the fundamental event upon which our Christian faith rests. However, amidst the importance Sunday, the Lord’s Day, we notice that Changes in socioeconomic conditions have led to profound modification of social behaviour and hence of the character of Sunday. Today, with the custom of the “weekend” becoming more wide spread, a weekly period of respite, spent, perhaps far from home, Characterised with secular activities mainly, Sunday loses its fundamental meaning and becomes merely part of a “weekend,” and hence leading to diminishing Church attendance and Sunday Liturgy among the youth. From the field, the major reasons why the Youth shun Sunday observance and even end up quitting the Catholic Church include: Inadequate spiritual nourishment as attested to by 58 (31.4%) of the respondents.

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Source: School of Social Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS)

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