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Call for Papers: Poverty, Water and Local Development

  • In Sciences
  • 14 Jun 2011 - 10:06am
  • By Anonymous (not verified)
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The CLACSO-CROP Programme, Makerere University, The Nile Basin Programme (NBRP) and The Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) issue this call for papers for a cross-continental and interdisciplinary seminar to be held *November 28-30, 2011*, in Kampala, Uganda.

Over the last decades, the multilateral institutions and the development agencies have promoted and strengthened a particular view of the relationship(s) between poverty, water, and development. In this conventional perspective, the fight against poverty is assumed to be a task that is essentially fulfilled by just providing water to the poor in order to meet their nutritional needs, cleaning and sanitation. In the 21st century, however, such an approach does not prevent the production, and reproduction of poverty through generations.

A challenge is that in many ‘developing’ countries the policies include
(1) the adaptation of the national economies and societies to climate change;

(2) the promotion of biofuels as a policy of energy security strategies, and

(3) the international trade of commodities.

This result in water allocation practices which are in general inequitable, inefficient, and unsustainable. Since water is increasingly perceived as a scarce natural asset, "More Value per Drop" has become the new credo for achieving the same old goals. As a result, water governance institutions are tacitly discriminating against poor households and economies.

In order to create a socially equitable and sustainable development, this orthodox view of the water-poverty-development nexus must be overcome. As a contribution to accelerate and strengthen this paradigmatic change, we invite scholars from all disciplines to contribute with multidisciplinary and critical papers on the relationship of water, poverty and local development in the 21st century. Academics from Africa and Latin America are especially invited to participate.


Visit the CROP webpage for further details
< http://www.crop.org/storypg.aspx?id=456&MenuNode=&zone=41>

Contact information:

CROP Secretariat, P.O. Box 7800, 5020 Bergen, NORWAY.
Phone: +47 55 58 97 44
Email: crop@uib.no
Web: www.crop.org
Visiting address: Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen.

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