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July 2019

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Mak Main Library Set to Host Indian Culture and History Corner

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (Left) receives a copy of Mohandas K. Gandhi's autobiography "The Story of My Experiments with Truth" from the High Commissioner of India to Uganda, Mr. Shri Ravi Shankar (Right) during his visit to Makerere University, Kampala Uganda on Monday 15th July 2019.

On 15th July 2019, the High Commissioner of India to Uganda Mr. Shri Ravi Shankar together with the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe held a discussion on the establishment of the Indian corner in the Makerere University Main Library.

The Indian Corner will be a well-stocked one-stop Centre for staff, students and the general community to access information and resources on Indian history and culture, scholarships and other study opportunities.

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3rd International Summer School on Software Engineering and IS

Block B of the College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS), Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. CoCIS will host the 3rd Edition of the Bright Summer School 2019 from 22nd to 26th July 2019

The 3rd  Edition of the International Summer School on Software Engineering  and Information Systems (IS) intends to provide a contribution to PhD students and academic and industrial researchers on latest findings in the field of Software Engineering and information. The Summer School will be hosted by the Schol of Computing and Information Technology, Makerere University, from 22nd to 26th July 2019.

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Award by the HERS-EA Leadership

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (Centre) receives an award from HERS-EA Coordinator, Ms. Naomi Lumutenga (3rd Right) on 12th July 2019, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

This morning I received an award from the leadership of HERS East Africa based at Mississippi State University. We have agreed to promote training of women leaders in Higher Education Institutions. Thank you HERS!

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Meeting with the NutriFish Team

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (Centre) meeting the NutriFish Project team headed by Dr. Jackson Efitre (2nd Left) on 12th July 2019, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.

This morning I held interesting discussions with a group of Makerere University researchers led by Dr. Jackson Efitre, who have won an international research award on fish nutrients. Congratulations to the winning team!

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Minds Illuminated as Mak Hosts the Day of Moringa Science

The Principal, College of Health Sciences (CHS), Prof. Charles Ibingira delivers the opening remarks at The Day of Moringa Science, 9th July 2019, Davies Lecture Theatre, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

Moringa oleifera also dubbed the superfood of superfoods or ‘Miracle’ tree is the most widely cultivated species of the Moringa genus of trees with its origins in South Asia. In Uganda, Moringa oleifera leaves are widely consumed by communities, mostly for their nutritional and medicinal values. Its use continues to multiply rapidly with countless products made from the tree’s leaves and roots lining supermarket and pharmacy shelves. It has however been noted that the use of Moringa oleifera is not well standardised.

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Mak receives property: NIC hands over Plot 2A Kampala Road

The  Plot 2A is developed with a five storey structure along Kampala Road with a gatehouse and a generator house at the south western end.

On Wednesday 10th July 2019, the Chairperson of National Insurance Corporation (NIC) Dr. Martin Jerome Okec Aliker together with the Managing Director Mr. Bayo Folayan handed over property located on Plot 2A Kampala Road to Makerere University Chairperson of Council, Mrs. Lorna Magara.

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Tour of Bachelor of Dental Surgery Facilities

The special Taskforce headed by the Chairperson of Council, Mrs. Lorna Magara (4th Right) with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe (Right) and other members on a tour of the Dental Clinic, 11th July 2019, Northcote Road, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

The special taskforce headed by the Chair and Vice Chair of Council have today toured the refurbished and equipped premises for the Bachelor of Dentistry. Good progress made and we are almost there.

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Formal Handover of Plot 2A, Kampala Road by NIC

The Chairperson of Council-Mrs. Lorna Magara (6th Right) receives documentation pertaining to ownership of Plot 2A Kampala Road from the Managing Director NIC-Mr. Bayo Folayan (6th Left) as Members of the NIC Boad (Left) and Members of Council and Management (Right) witness on 10th July 2019, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.

The formal handover of Plot 2A, Kampala Road by National Insurance Corporation (NIC) to Makerere University, presided over by our Chairperson of Council marks the end of a long period of negotiation and the beginning of a new era of collaboration between Mak and NIC.

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Mak receives property: NIC hands over Plot 2A Kampala Road

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mak.ac.ug – eGOV Excellence Award Winner 2019

Makerere University, Best MDA of the NITA-U OUTSTANDING WEB-PORTAL AWARD: CONNECTED CATEGORY, 27th June 2019, Kampala Uganda

Makerere University takes great pride in receiving the OUTSTANDING WEB-PORTAL AWARD: CONNECTED CATEGORY at the NITA-U eGOV Excellence Awards 2019 held on 27th June 2019. Held under the theme “Bold Digital Government: Unlocking Service Delivery”, the objective of the Awards is to create awareness of eGovernment services across the citizenry and within the different spheres of Public sector.

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Technology and Art Gallery Set to Celebrate Golden Jubilee!

The Former Faculty of Technology and Art Gallery Golden Jubilee Celebrations Fundraising Dinner, 6:00pm, 26th July 2019, Hotel Africana, Kampala Uganda

The Former Faculty of Technology, Makerere University will next year 2020 celebrate 50 years of existence. As part of the celebrations, the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) will hold a fundraising dinner on 26th July, 2019 at Hotel Africana starting 6:00pm.  

Proceeds from the dinner will be used to;


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