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Mak-Department of Distance and Lifelong Learning organises an orientation for the B.Ed freshers

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  • 11 Sep 2017 - 5:40pm
  • By Proscovia Nabatte
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Some of the Students during the orientantion meeting.

On 8th September 2017, the Department of Distance and Lifelong Learning at Makerere University organised an orientation for the Bachelor of Education External students. Held in the Makerere College Dining Hall, the orientation aimed at introducing the new students to their course and also provide a guiding tool on how they can manage the distance education mode of study.

According to the Programme Coordinator Mr Arthur Mugisha, the orientation also provided a platform for students to interact with their College Administration, understand the course operations as well as providing the necessary information on how students can access and utilize the available university facilities and services.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is among the external programmes that are offered at Makerere University Department of Distance and Lifelong Learning. The main target for these programmes is to enable working people to acquire higher qualifications without leaving their work place. With the exception of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) External, which only admits teachers with Diploma certificates, the other programmes also admit ‘A’ Level leavers.

The External Programmes have grown to a total population of nearly 6,500 from 246 admitted when the programme was first launched in 1991. The Department seeks to exploit the full spectrum of distance education which includes: Open Distance and e Learning (ODeL).

“This mode of teaching provides students with the opportunity to learning without necessarily leaving their work place. They come here for two weeks and get all the necessary materials for the semester. Most of their work is based on research, personal reading, discussions and online study. They only come back if they need help and during the examination period,” said Mr Mugisha.

About 250 students were admitted on Bachelor of Education External (B.Ed) for the academic year 2017/2018.

Addressing students in the Makerere College Dining Hall, the Head, Department of Distance and Lifelong Learning Mr. Turyakira Nazarius urged students to take group discussions seriously since it is one of the major ways they can cope with their education mode of study. To him discussions can enable them link with fellow students around the country and be able to share knowledge and experiences.

Mr. Turyakira ensured students of the University support during their academic journey. “We promise all the necessary support to ensure that you graduate. I know most of you are married and working. The education journey you have embarked on is likely to bring some challenges in your life. Do not keep quiet if you are faced with these challenges, I have always been available to handle such issues and students have been able to finish without any hindrance,” he said.

“To mothers here, the institution has put in place facilities to help you freely nurse your children while studying. We have also been able to put in place facilities that can accommodate expectant mothers. I therefore urge you to utilize all these facilities for your own benefit,” he added.

In a speech read by the Deputy Principal Assoc. Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda, the Principal of the College of Education and External Studies (CEES) Prof. Fred Masagazi Musaazi advised students to take teaching as a calling in education. “It is only teaching where people can say I am a professional teacher,” he said.

Prof. Masagazi Musaazi also encouraged students to maximize the great opportunity of joining the institution to learn and interact with the emerging technologies. He mentioned that there is a dramatic technological shift that is sweeping through schools where students from kindergarten to higher institutions of learning can now navigate the technological innovations better than their teachers.

“I have witnessed an infant texting on her cell phone. Kindergarteners who can navigate a smart phone better than us. Middle schoolers who already have an Internet following on their social media. We therefore have a great responsibility to innovatively harness the power of technological resources. Change yourselves at places of work using the emerging technologies,” he said.

The Deputy Principal Assoc. Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda urged students to be self-reliant and also learn the 21st century skills. He encouraged them to utilise the rich learning environment to meet and network with knowledgeable people.

“Complete the course and your status will change. Aim at getting a first class and ensure you fulfil your goal of coming back to school,” he said.

The College Registrar encouraged students to register with the College in order to officially be recognised as Makerere University students. “Make sure you register on time and always make a proper follow up on your academic performance. Pay tuition on time to avoid inconveniences,” he stated.

Reiterating the importance of registration, the College Bursar Mr. Amanya Henry, advised students to take their students numbers seriously since it is the only way they can be identified as Makerere University students. He urged them to always write their numbers correctly during registration and also when they are paying the university fees in the banks.

Article by Nabatte Proscovia


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